A familiar stranger

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Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Ivy’s POV:

I dreaded going to school the next day. But I had to go so i go. I was happy that when I go to school there will be no one there so I thought of thinking about something to tell Noah.

As I was walking towards my class I found the lights to be turned on. I thought that some dude who usually comes before me might have turned it on. I enter the class and I see some guy as tall as Noah standing there.

I thought that I was imagining things as I was thinking about him now but when he turned around and called my name I realised that it was him.

I practically was about to run out of the class when he said, “Ivy I really need to talk to you about yesterday so don’t run away. I have something really important to tell you.”

Now that stopped me from running away. I thought that he was going to tell me that he likes me back and will ask me out.

So I walked back in. I couldn’t look at him. I was blushing and stared at the ground.

“Look Ivy I really appreciate you telling me that you like me. It was very bold even though you blurted it out. I wish had the courage to tell it to the person I like,” he replied. Now I look up at him.

His hand went around his neck and he looked at me. I thought that he was going to tell that he likes me. I tried to hide my smile. My face became hot and red. My heart beat augmented.

I was waiting for his reply but he didn’t so I asked, “Noah who is it that you like? I’ll help you.”

Like come on I’m helping him tell me that he likes me?

“Umm… no one knows that yet so don’t tell it to anyone till I tell her. Ok?” he asked.

“Why would I tell it to everyone unless you are not ready man,” I thought but I just nod and smile a little.

“Lauren,” he said blushing.

“ What?” I asked thinking why was he was talking about her when he’s supposed to be telling me that he likes me.

“Ivy, its Lauren. I like Lauren,” he said smiling this time.

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