A familiar stranger

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Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Ivy’s POV:

“Wait you like Lauren. Lauren as in the Lauren Strepfond?” I ask not believing what he had just told. I was expecting my name.

“Yeah Ivy. It’s Lauren Strepfond,” he says.

My eyes immediately water up. I try to say something but noting comes. He looks at me and realises that I’m upset.

“Look Ivy, don’t cry. I’m sorry I like you but not in the way you do. You are amazing but I think that Lauren’s the one for me,” he said so cold heartedly. It was like as if those words were forced out of his mouth. He wasn’t the Noah I used to talk to. Now he’s the Lauren-Noah.

I couldn’t stop the tears. They just flowed. I wipe a fresh tear that has fallen on my cheek, smiled and wished him luck. People started entering the classroom. I didn’t want them to see me like this. But some had already seen me crying.

I turned to go out of the class to the restroom but he called me. I turn, “Ivy thank you so much for understanding and also don’t tell it to anyone. I don’t want anyone else to know before she knows,” he said for which I nod and turn to walk away.

I just smile at him and walk out. As I’m about to walk out, the door opens and I see Lauren enter. I don’t look at her and just walked out.

“Lauren you win this competition. Noah chose you over me,” I imagine telling it to Lauren.

Even as I go inside all I can think of is how it would have been great if me and Noah had at least tried to work it out.

I got to the restroom and just cry for the next 15 minutes. I heard someone come in. It was Scarlet Hunter. She was the EVS friend of Katherine I was talking about.

I’ve never spoken to her but I’ve smiled at her and stuff like that.

“Ivy why are you crying like that? You are not the kind of girl who cries,” she said coming up to me to and wipes my tear on my right cheek before handing me tissues.

“Now calm down and tell me what happened,” she asked calmly.

I tell her everything and she just listens to me calmly. She doesn’t judge me and lets me cry. I like her.

“Look Ivy that jerk doesn’t deserve you. He deserves a fake whore, well in other words he deserves Lauren. Now you’ve got a lot of guys waiting for you out there. Why don’t you forget about him and move on?” she said.

To be honest she told me things I wanted to hear.

I knew for sure me and Scarlet are going to become best friends someday.

And she was right Noah was a fucking jerk and he is not worth my tears.

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