A familiar stranger

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Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Ivy’s POV:

It’s so hard to see Lauren and Noah all walk together like they were in love. Now all I can think was how I would have been the one standing next to him like Lauren is right now.

I mean she doesn’t know it yet but he’s dropping the hints. Well how do I know you ask? Their body language. They are getting closer by every day.

It’s been probably 1 week I guess since the “I don’t like you that way- Lauren’s the one for me” speech. I am completely ignoring him now. I have stopped texting him and he has too.

The whole school knows that he rejected me. Now all I get it glares and I hear people whispering about me in the hallways.

We had PE [Physical Education] now. Just before that Noah decided to ask Lauren out in front of everyone. How do I know this?

No I didn’t stalk them. I was there when he did.

He started off with a long ass, senti speech of how his life has changed since she’s been a part of it and how she was the who was their during his hard time and all that bull crap you hear in movies when the guy is on his knee, holing out a ring, proposing to the woman he’s been in love with and wants to share his life with her.

At last he asked her to be his girlfriend and guess what she replied.

Obviously yes and they kissed.

Like come on we didn’t want to see that. At least I didn’t. He knew that I was going to be their but he still wanted to do those things.

It bothered me a lot. I didn’t want to tell to Scarlet or Katherine how it hurts me that they were together as they’ve already had enough stress about me getting back to normal.

So during PE I sat down on one of the benches near my class and put my head down. Tears flowed out as in cue one by one. I heard footsteps. I knew that it wasn’t a teacher because no teachers come here and very few people know about this place.

I look up and find Zach Ryder staring at me with a confused look.

Now, Zach was also an amazing basketball player and was a part of Noah’s inner circle. Zach was more popular than Noah and also he was the hottest guy in school.

I know that I’ve told that Noah was the most popular and hottest guy in school. I wanted to feel good that someone that popular and hot was talking to me but honestly Zach is way better than him

Past: I know Zach since last year. I spoke to everyone my class teacher put me next to last year. At the end she was so fed up that she put me next to him thinking I won’t talk to him. I admit the first week was awkward for the both of us but later we became really close.

We have texted over the year but I stopped once I met Noah. I don’t know why but we had lost touch for the past 3 months.

Back to the present now:

“Ivy why are you crying? You’re not the Ivy I met last year. The Ivy I know is strong, funny and always smiles. She never cries,” he said sitting next to me and putting his arm around me, “now tell me what happened,” He asked genuinely concerned.

“Noah. He chose Lauren over me. Let me quote him: “Look Ivy, don’t cry. I’m sorry I like you but not in the way you do. You are amazing but I think that Lauren’s the one for me,” what do I do Zach? I want to make him feel jealous and make him realise that I’m better than Lauren,” I say leaning on his shoulder.

“Ok cry till you want but after that promise that you will never cry about him again,” he asked.

I cry for like 5 minutes when I realised why bother about him and his girlfriend Lauren when I have a world out there.

Zach hands me over a tissue.

Yeah he surprisingly has one at the right moment. I wipe my tears, “I’m done crying over him. I promise you that I’ll never cry about him,” I say smiling at him.

“That’s good,” he says kissing my forehead. I blush because no guy has ever kissed me before.

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