A familiar stranger

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Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Ivy’s POV:

“Now come on, let’s go play,” he says getting p.

“Play? Me? Are you crazy? I can’t play anything. You go, I’ll roam around and find some friends,” I say getting up too.

“No. You have to play I insist. Remember you have to make Noah realise that you are better than Noah and that you want him miss you,” he says winking at me at the last sentence, “So it’ll work if you play the sport he likes.”

“What me playing Basketball? My foot. I do not know how to play basketball,” I say laughing.

“Then listen to me since I know how to play basketball I’ll help you learn it. Come over to my house every Saturday and Sunday,” he said before adding, “Only if you want to. No pressure.”

“Are you sure?” I ask him, raising one of my eyebrows up.

“Why not? I’ll be happy to,” he said giving me the warmest smile.

“Ok then but where do you live and how do I contact you?” I ask.

“Come with me to my class I’ll write it down and give it to you,” he said while taking me to his class.

After he gave me his Phone number and address he asked me for my number and I give it to him.

We leave to the court. “Thank you so much Zach for being there and also for helping me out,” I say hugging him as we arrive. I couldn’t help but notice he smells amazing.

“No problem kiddo. So see you at my house day after tomorrow then? After school?” he asked hugging me back.

“Yeah, I’ll see you then,” I say suddenly blushing from hugging him.

He walks up to his group before turning and giving me one last smile before joining the on-going match.

I overheard his conversation. It was:

His friend: where were you for so long man?

Zach: a friend needed me.

He said before smiling

The friend: is she the one you hugged before? Huh? Tell me her name.

He asked with a grin.

Zach: yeah and her name is Ivy. Now let’s go.

At least Zach wasn’t embarrassed of talking to me unlike someone. Not mentioning who…

*cough* Noah *cough*

“I’m going to prove that I’m better than your silly, fake girlfriend Noah,” I thought to myself.

*Challenge Excepted*

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