A familiar stranger

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Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Ivy’s POV:

I couldn’t wait for tomorrow. I was going to Zach’s house to learn basketball so that I can shove it in Noah’s face that I am better than Lauren.

I already went shopping for my sports clothing. I bought my shorts, t-shirts, shoes, a bag and a ball. I even got a cool Nike bottle.

I was really excited for it. My parents actually supported me when I told them that I will be learning basketball to prove to a guy that I’m better than his girlfriend.

I expected them to go mad at me but instead my mom told that she knew how I felt. She told me that she used to like a guy and he ditched her for someone else and she tried to prove that she was better than him but her parents got to know and didn’t support her.

My dad asked me to be careful and hugged me.

Now all she wants to do is support me. She told that she would drop and pick me up.

I was so grateful to her. I mean who would support her daughter like that? I was proud of her.

I told Kate and Scarlet, who have become my best friends, about Zach and his offer to help me get back at Noah and they were already shipping me and Zach. Like I don’t mind it.

I blush; this made them make fun of me even more.

I was on cloud 9 the whole day. Even though I’ve known him since last year, I got excited.

No one could make me sad. The day was literally going so fast that it was lunch time.

As I went towards the Cafeteria, I saw Zach and his friends. I knew some of his friends. Zach looked at me and said, “Hey Ivy why don’t you sit with us today?” he asked.

I immediately look at Kate and Scarlet because I always sit with them and they gave me a nod saying yes.

I smiled at him and indicated him to wait for one second and I went to get my food. Zach cam next to me to get potato fries. We started talking randomly as we waited for the fries to come.

Our conversation shifted as fast as wind’s direction.

Gosh that’s a bad comparison.

I’m sorry for that but you get what I mean right?

The fries came soon and we went back to sit.

“Hey guys,” I said saying to no one particular. Noah sat beside and introduced me to his friends.

“This is Cody,” he said pointing at the new guy who looked eagerly at me.

“Hi Cody,” I say smiling.

“And of course you know Jim, Elliot and Henry,” she said pointing at his friends I already knew.

“Hi Jimmy [Jim hated this name as his ex-girlfriend used to call him that but I love teasing him], Leo [I call him that because everyone calls him that] and Cupcake [again Henry hates this name. This was his name in nickname in elementary school because he used to love Cupcakes].

I love annoying them.

“Hey Bear,” they all say in unison except Cody because he was new and he didn’t know about this nick name.

Elliot understood and replied, “We call her a bear because she hugs and sleeps like a bear,” he says and everyone including Cody starts laughing.

“That is so not true. I love sleep that’s it,” I say trying to make it sound better.

They knew how much I hated being called that but well I’m used to it. I smile and dig into my fries.

I heard a high pitched giggle.

I looked over at Zach who had the same expression on his face which said who-the-fuck-laughs-like-that?

We both turn at the direction of the high pitched giggle and saw Noah and Lauren walking next to each other holding hands.

I turn to look at Zach and our whole group bursted out laughing.

Like the whole cafeteria looked at us. We tried so hard to shut our mouths but we just couldn’t.

A confused Noah and Lauren walked up to us. I quickly turn away and act like I was too interested in the food in my plate. But then I realised why I should act like the one who made a mistake. Like Noah is the one at loss right now.

So, I look up and say, “Hey Noah and Lauren, I didn’t expect you to be here. Don’t you have like a lot to catch up?” giving my fakest smile.

“Oh…. Um… hi to you too Ivy,” he stammered. He looked lie as if he expected me to ignore him and feel sad. But person, I’m fine. Actually better than fine.

Lauren just glared at me. Noah nudged her as if asking her to say hello back.

“It’s fine. Not everyone can be cool you see,” I say loudly giving a fake understanding look.

“At last I don’t get rejected by guys,” she said in reply.

“At least people like me for who I am and not for popularity like for someone here,” I say ready to roast her. People started surrounding our table now. They looked interested.

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