A familiar stranger

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Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Ivy’s POV:

“Oh my god Ivy you think that I am with Noah for popularity is it? Well let me get this straight I really like him for who he is irrespective of his appearance and popularity,” she said, “unlike someone over here I at least have a boyfriend who likes me. Oh I’m sorry did I hurt your feelings Ivy?” she said putting her hand on her chest and making a puppy face at me.

“Yeah you are a sorry individual, that’s for sure. And don’t worry I’m not offended, I’m happy that you can construct sensible sentences now,” I say smirking at her.

A lot of “woah’s” and cheers took place.

Lauren did look pissed. She grabbed Noah’s arm and pulled him out of the cafeteria.

“I absolutely feel sorry for you Noah,” I call out.

After they went out, Zach looked at me impressed and the others high-fived me except Elliot whom I bumped fists with.

“Good job Ivy. You actually won against Lauren in the roast competition. We all hate her,” said Cody.

“Yeah ever since she started dating Noah we all have noticed that she is using him but he can’t see it because he adores her,” said Jim.

Random people kept congratulating on my win against Lauren in the so called “roast contest”.

It’s going to be a good day I thought.

While walking back to class I asked Zach about our meet up tomorrow of he was still up for it.

“Of course Ivy. I wouldn’t bail out on you.” he said.

“Ok cool. And also Zach thank you again,” I say smiling. I was growing fond of him.

All the guys came till my class to drop me off. All the girls looked at me as if they were jealous because there were 5 hot guys coming to drop me off.

It turned out to be a hell of a day.

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