A familiar stranger

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Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Noah’s POV:

Lauren was furious. I tried to calm her down but she was just pissed at Ivy.

She suddenly grabbed me and pulled me inside our classroom to the back of the class and started making out with me.

Her kisses became deeper and deeper. I was enjoying it when Ivy and Zach’s group entered the classroom.

Ivy stopped dead in her tracks. It felt good to see the hurt on her face after all she insulted my girlfriend.

“Oh Ivy can you give us some privacy. You see me and Noah are in middle of something important. Well that is something you have never done and never will in your life. Like who would, go look at yourself in the mirror,” Lauren replied before going back to where we were.

I got pushed to the side violently. I was caught off balance and I heard a loud smack.

I saw that Ivy had punched Lauren. She had punched her nose.



I saw Lauren sitting down trying to stop the bleeding. I went over to help her but before that I had to do something first.

I went over to Ivy and slapped her right across the face. I hit her really hard that my palm was hurting.

Ivy couldn’t believe what had just happened. She put her hand on her cheek ad her eyes started watering up.

Zach and everyone looked shocked at me.

Zach came in front of her and pushed me back.

“Noah! What the fuck is wrong with you? Why did you slap Ivy?” Zach screamed at me before going over to Ivy.

“Because she broke my girlfriend’s nose, Zach. I will not tolerate that some creep who likes me breaking my girlfriend’s nose over something what Lauren said is true,” I replied.

Ivy just ran out of the classroom crying. I hope that I hurt her enough that she will never come near Lauren.

“Noah you should ask your “girlfriend” to stay in control. It was clearly her fault and not Ivy’s,” I heard Zach say before following her outside.

“Thank you for standing up for me Noah,” Lauren said smiling.

“No one messes with my girlfriend,” I say taking her to the sick bay.

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