A familiar stranger

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Chapter 17

Chapter 16

Lauren’s POV:

“Noah you should ask your “girlfriend” to stay in control. It was clearly her fault and not Ivy’s,” Zach said before following her outside.

Man why do people always choose Ivy’s side? Like does no one realize that she’s a bitch and she punched me? Except Noah who extended his arm for support.

“Thank you for standing up for me Noah,” I said smiling.

“No one messes with my girlfriend,” I say taking her to the sick bay.

He had a dead serious expression while he was leading me to the sick bay.

H put his arm around my shoulder and looked alert as if someone would attack me out of nowhere. To be honest I did feel safe and protected.

Noah was standing and observing the nurse cleaning up my nose.

I saw Ivy coming to the nurse’s room with 5 guys. Have to admit they all were pretty hot.

They were actually all of them were helping her with one or the other thing. So she managed to get these boys also.

I still don’t get it how people don’t see her real, fake side? Like she’s not all innocent and sweet like they think she is.

But I did manage to not make her forget that messing with me is not a good idea.

The word about her punching me and Noah slapping her spread like a forest fire. Everyone was talking about it.

Noah was at fault because:

1) He was a guy

2) He slapped a girl

3) Everyone liked Ivy

After coming back from the nurse’s office we heard an announcement,

“Ms Ivy Kennecott, Mr Zach Ryder, Mr Noah Kavinsky and Ms Lauren Strepfond please report to the principal’s office.”

Shit I can’t believe someone complained to the principal.

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