A familiar stranger

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Chapter 18

Chapter 18

Lauren’s POV:

We all went to the principal’s office. My nose had gotten better but Ivy’s cheek looked bad.

I was scared now.

Ivy and Zach stood next to each other where Noah and I stood next to each other. Zach and Noah stood next to each other and I noticed Zach’s arm on Ivy’s shoulder as if protecting her from Noah.

Ivy hadn’t looked up even once since they’ve been here and neither has she uttered word. It was so unlike Ivy. She was just this person whose emotions would change immediately and no matter what she had a smile plastered on her face but it was missing today.

Anyways who cares? She deserved what she got.

The principal’s PA called us in.

“So I have heard that Ms Kennecott,” he said looking at her, “You have punched Ms Strepfond first after she said something about you. Am I right?” he asked.

“Yes sir. I’m very sorry,” she said still looking down.

He continued, “Ms Stepfrond, you agree that you made comments on Ms Kennecott that enraged her into acting in this violent way,” he looked at me.

“No sir. She was the one who punched me first even though I hadn’t told her anything,” I started.

“Is it true Mr Ryder?” he asked Zach now.

“No sir. Lauren made comments on Ivy that enraged her into doing this for which she got trouble in,” he said calmly.

I shot a death glare at him.

“Thank you Mr Ryder. Now Mr Kavinsky, after you saw Ms Stepfrond getting punched you slapped Ms Kennecott on her cheek. Is it right?” he asked looking at Noah.

“Yes sir,” he mumbled.

“Now I got information from the nurse that Ms Stepfrond’s nose is not that bad. So Ms Kennecott you are not in much trouble. But Ms Kennecott, your behaviour is not tolerable so both Ms Stepfrond and Ms Kennecott you will have detention for three days,” he said.

I was relieved I wasn’t suspended. Wait that’s all that bitch gets after spoiling my nose. 3 days of detention.

“Now coming to you Mr Kavinsky, the slap you gave to Ms Kennecott was “brutal” quoted by the nurse. And also it was very inhuman of you to physically abuse a girl like that. Our school under no circumstance allows that. So Mr Kavinsky, you are no longer the captain of the school’s Basketball team and are suspended from the team for 1 month. And you also have detention along with Ms Stepfrond and Ms Kennecott for 3 days,” he said.

I felt bad for Noah because know how much he likes Basketball.

“Coming to you Mr Ryder, you were innocent in this act and you have been proved worthy of being the school’s new Basketball Captain. Congratulations and thank you for your honesty,” he said before adding, “Everyone dismissed.”

As we came out Noah looked pissed. GOD NOW HOW DO I CONSOLE HIM?

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