A familiar stranger

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Ivy’s POV:

Another week passed by and nothing special took place except the shuffling of classes which bought all the people who chose economics over science and 10 other science students including me, Noah and her friends. I saw all the shitty people coming into my class and saw Lauren Strepfond come in. Lauren was one of the most popular girls in school and I’ve hated her since the first day of my school.

Lauren was just a piece of shit Lauren was a fake bitch too. As soon as Lauren entered the class, she went up to Noah and started talking and I knew they were going to be best friends [Lauren and Noah of course].

The day dragged on and I couldn’t wait to get home.

Since I had no other job to do I went online on Instagram and put a story of asking people to rate how much they think I likes them [It was a popular trend then]. I found that Noah had polled of about 25% and I couldn’t believe it. I thought that he might have done it by mistake. But anyways I replied on story saying “Never talked to you but would love to,” and tagged him.

Within seconds I got a text saying “wow”.

I was curious to see who it was and couldn’t believe I eyes. IT WAS NOAH “FRICKING” KAVINSKY. [Again fricking is not in his name].

We started talking about random stuff. Even thought we had nothing in common we connected really well. Honestly it started with me asking him a question which was,” Who is the one person you would like to kick out of our class” and he replied, “Janice.”

As you remember Janice was his ex who dated him for like 1 week. He asked me the same question and I said it was Kevin.

Now Kevin was the guy who liked her since 7th. He even showed me to his mom and stuff like that and even wrote a love letter for me which was kind of nice until turned the teacher read it to the whole class. It was so embarrassing. People made fun of me for the rest of the year. I mean they still do. They haven’t forgotten about it yet.

PS: He’s a complete creep and a weirdo.

Anyways we started bitching about Janice. At least he did as I spoke to Janice during science and she was nice. “Ivy if you tell this stuff to anyone you will be the one I will be kicking out,” was his reply with 3 laughing emoji’s.

I was texting to him and saw the time. It was 6:30 pm. “I am fucking talking to him since 4:30 pm. I AM TALKING TO HIM FOR LIKE 2 HOURS,” was what I could think as I wait for his text.

Since we both had work to do. I didn’t. I rather sit there and talk to him the whole day so they decided stopped texting [he did]. Since it was a weekend I promised each other that they would come online the next day and went offline.

I couldn’t stop thinking about our conversation. I could barely sleep. You could say that I was eager and excited for the next day as come on I was going to talk to him.

I was thinking on and on about our conservation and before I even knew I fell asleep.

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