A familiar stranger

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Chapter 21

Chapter 21

Ivy’s POV:

The car ride to Zach’s home was fun. We started singing one of my favourite songs and I forgot about every shit that happened in school.

On the way home he suddenly stopped near Starbucks. I can’t believe that he remembers that I like to drink Mocha Frappuccino with extra whipped cream whenever I’m sad or upset or happy. It just lightens my mood.

“Mocha Frappuccino with extra whipped cream right?” he asked getting out of the car as if sensing what’s going on my mind.

“You don’t have to do that Zach,” I said but I was craving for it. He has already done enough for me.

“But I want to. Stay back I’ll get it for you,” he said but I took out a $20 note and it to me.

“No it’s my treat for you for becoming the basketball captain,” he had me there and he went to get it.

Sitting back in the car, I opened my phone and saw 100 messages on Instagram.

I was curious to see what that was. Every message I got was either congratulating me on punching Lauren; or feeling sorry for me because well Noah punched me; or saying that Noah deserved what he got. I wasn’t surprised to see these messages but what surprised me was some of them sent that Zach and I look cute together. Whereas some said that he stood up for me against his friend.

I know that he stood up for me against his friends but I and he look cute together?
Lauren and Noah had lost a lot of followers since he had slapped me. I knew that it bothered Lauren because that is what she always cares about anyways.

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