A familiar stranger

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Chapter 22

Chapter 22

Lauren’s POV:

I can’t believe I’ve lost followers on Instagram.

My followers are drooping because Noah slapped Ivy because of me and everyone loves Ivy. I’m not kidding.

I call up Victoria, my best friend who was a part of this plan with me of getting Noah and hurting Ivy.

“I can’t believe I am losing followers,” I say.

“Come on Renny. It’s ok,” she said. Victoria was the only one who would call me Renny.

“No Vic, you don’t understand because no one knew that you were a part of this. Now tell me how do I stop people from unfollwing me?” I ask frustrated.

“Think about posting something that people will want to see but remember to make your account private. You see the people who follow will tell everyone about the post and then they will want to see it so they’ll follow you. Also you have post those kinds of posts which people crave to see. Regularly though. Don’t overdo it,” she said immediately as if she’s been thinking about this for a long time.

“Thanks Vic but I need you to come over so that you can take pictures of me,” I ask desperately.

“I’ll be there in 5,” she said ending the call.

Exactly within 5 minutes Victoria came and we rushed upstairs to my room.

“Any pose in your mind?” I ask.

“Yeah, why don’t we try the pose where you are in the shower? But it you will be in a bikini. Is that fine?” she asked chewing gum.

“Yeah sure, let’s do it,” I saw.

“But let’s go to the beach,” she said.

“OK but first we need to go shopping for the best beach wear,” I say grabbing my purse, valet, phone and car keys and go to the nearby mall.

After 30 minutes of trying on literally every single beach wears in the store, I chose a black one.

We rush to the beach and found a shower area. The background was good so we decided to take it there. “Vic, can you contour my body?,” I ask taking my clothes off and wearing the Beach wear I had just bought.

“Sure she said contouring my face first, then arms, legs and thighs. I have to admit Victoria was good at doing make-up.

After we were done we go and I turn on the shower whereas Victoria sets the lighting and her camera at the location.

It was one, two, three *click* for the next 30 minutes.

After we took like 50 photos, I grab a towel, cover myself up and sat next to her on the sand to check out the photos. I had giving all seducing poses.

We narrowed it down to 3 of it and at last we chose 1 and we edited it.

I posted it and tagged Noah on my kind of bare back.

I captioned it, “Life is better in Bikini.”

Now let’s see how people ignore my post.

I will go up to any extent to not lose my popularity status, followers and my reputation in school.

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