A familiar stranger

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Chapter 23

Chapter 23

Noah’s POV:

I went home and slept for 2 hours because it was a FUCKING TIRING DAY AT SCHOOL. Now I realise what Lauren meant when she said that Ivy was the drama creator.

She turned my life upside down in just one single day.

I open my Instagram and got a notification saying that Lauren had tagged me in a post.

I was drinking water while doing so and I almost chocked on water.

I start coughing causing the water to spill everywhere. I was shocked to see Lauren post that picture of her in a bikini at the beach.

To be honest she did look hot. I didn’t know whether to feel happy that she looks hot or mad at her because, duh, she posted it.

I called her up and, “Lauren why the fuck did you post that recent picture on Instagram?” I ask furious.

“Coz why not? You have a problem with it Noah?” she asked not caring.

“Yes because I do not want people to look at my girlfriend’s body. And that picture you posted is way too hot. We have had enough drama so i don’t want us to be the centre of attention now so can you just delete it?” I ask hoping she would. I do not want guys to look at her because obviously she’s my girlfriend.

“I’m sorry Noah but no. I am not taking that picture down,” she said getting pissed.

“Why not?” I ask getting pissed too.

“I said I don’t to,” she said raising her voice.

“After all I have done for you, can’t you just take down that post for Christ’s sake,” I say practically screaming.

“Oh my god! I can’t believe you are going there,” she said.

“I am and I will,” I said, “See Lauren I sacrifice so much for you. If you cannot take down one post I don’t see the point of us going out together. I am ending it with you Lauren. Good bye,” I say before throwing my phone onto my bed. I am so stressed right now.

I go to gym and work out till my body cannot stay up. I go and take a long shower. I heard someone ring the doorbell but I guessed that it would have been my mom’s friend or my dad.

After I finished my shower I realised that my parent are out of town and will come after 3 days. So who ever as at the door, they were still standing outside.

I ran down the stairs to see who it was and I saw a blonde girl sitting at my door step crying.

I thought that it was Ivy sitting there because, well, that’s Ivy. She’s all desperate. But this person didn’t have a high pony like Ivy so I wondered who it was.

“Hello?” I say.

The person turns back and see that it was Lauren.

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