A familiar stranger

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Chapter 24

Chapter 24

Noah’s POV:

“Lauren what are you doing here?” I ask, crossing my arms and I realise that I was only in my towel.

“I am sorry Noah. I posted it because I wanted all the guys to be jealous because I am yours and they can’t have me. I am sorry, I shouldn’t have screamed at you. I was just stressed out about the whole Ivy drama. I really appreciate whatever you did for me. I am really sorry. Can you please forgive me?” she asked when more tears flowed.

“Lauren, first get inside,” I say leading her to the living room.

“OK listen Lauren, you do not have to make feel jealous because they already are and I am really sorry for yelling at you like that. I was being selfish. I will forgive you only if you forgive me first,” I ask.

“Obviously Noah. I forgive you,” she said looking happy.

“Then I forgive you too Laurry,” I say using the name “Laurry”. I only use that when I am in a good mood.

We both come closer and kiss.

Her hands travelled all over my back, to my hair and she gripped me harder.

Our kiss became becoming more passionate. We break apart knowing what was going to happen next.

“You sure about this? I ask.

“Of course. I have told my mom that I am going to stay over at Victoria’s because I thought that you weren’t going to forgive me. How about your parents?” she asked.

“They are out of town. They won’t be back for another 3 days,” I say.

“Perfect. Let’s go to your room,” she said as I picked her up in my arms. We kissed more on the way.

“Wait, you have protection right?” she said pulling away.

“Yeah,” I reply before putting her on my bed and kissing.

She sat on my thighs, wrapped her legs around my waist and started kissing me.

My hands moved inside her shirt and she removed her shirt.

I removed the rest of her clothing and kissed her neck. She took my only piece of clothing which was only my towel and my night went on.

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