A familiar stranger

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Chapter 26

Chapter 26

Ivy’s POV:

Zach’s house looked amazing. Everything was in place and it looked pretty and cozy.

I saw a 40 year old lady who looked like Zach. I understood that she was his mom.

“Hello Mrs Ryder, I am Ivy, Ivy Kennecott,” I say smiling.

“Hi Ivy and call me Lucy please,” she asked before hugging me and said “Wait did you say that your last name is Kennecott?” after hugging me and leaving me.

“Yes Lucy,” I ask confused.

“So your mom’s name is Irene Kennecott right?” she asked excitedly.

“Yes,” I say looking at Zach.

“Mom, how do you know Ivy’s mom?” he asked sensing my surprise.

“I and Irene, Ivy’s mom were best friends during high school. We went to the same college and that’s when she met Charles,” she said mentioning my dad. “She made me the maid of honour in her wedding. Meanwhile I met Hugh,” Zach’s dad, “and got married and moved to Australia for 3 years. I lost touch with your mom after that,” she said remembering those days.

“Wow. What a coincidence,” I say looking at Zach. He looked surprised too.

“Uhh, Lucy I can give you my mom’s number if you want and by the way she’ll be coming here in the morning to drop off my basketball kit,” I say.

“It would be nice to have her number and thank you so much Zach for befriending Ivy. Now I can meet my long lost best friend,” she said as I gave her my mom’s number.

Zach took me to his room as his mom started talking to my mom.

I’ve got to admit. I really like his room. It’s cosy and warm. And did I mention that his room is surprisingly very neat?

“Yes guys also keep their room neat,” he said as if sensing what’s going on my mind.

I just smile. He takes me to his closet and says, “Choose what do you want to wear,” before going and taking out a t-shirt and sweatpants.

He takes out his school shirt in front of me and I was surprised. He had abs.

“Hey stop staring at my abs. You’ll make it disappear,” he said covering his chest like a girl.

I blush and laugh at the same time and turn towards his closet.

I saw a red sweatshirt and pulled it out. It was very long for me so I didn’t need pants but I had my shorts on underneath it.

“Good choice,” he said.

I go into his washroom to change. It looked amazing too. It smelled like him.

I take out my uniform and wore his sweatshirt. I just smelt like him and I loved it.

It looked perfect.

I go out and he just looks at me.

“Whoa! I didn’t know that someone could rock those kinds of oversized sweatshirts too. It looks really good on you Ivy,” he said.

I blushed.

“You look cute when you blush,” she said which made me blush even more.

“Zach and Ivy come down for dinner,” his mom called out.

I was starving. As we go downstairs I saw a guy who looked as if he was of 20 or so years.

Zach ran up to him and hugged him. I just stood there not knowing what to do.

“Ivy come and meet my brother Mike,” Zach said mentioning me to come

I walk up to him and, “Hi I’m Ivy,” I said extending my hand out.

“Nice to meet you Ivy, I’m Mike,” he said pulling me to a hug. That was weird.

We all sat down at the table.

I asked, “So which college do you go to Mike?”

“I got Princeton,” he said.

“What?” I ask chocking on my food.

“Yeah that’s right I go to Princeton. I got a scholarship because of my sports and here I am having my spring break,” he said, winking at me again. I learned that he is going to his college the next day early morning.

“So tell me Ivy. How do you know Zach?” he asked.

“He goes to my school and now he’s helping me learn basketball,” I say.

“Lucy, what about Zach’s dad? Isn’t he joining us for dinner?” I ask.

“No Ivy. He will never join us. We are divorced,” she says with her voice full of sadness.

“I am sorry Lucy,” I say reaching out for her hand.

“It’s OK dear. It’s been a year since he ran off with a 20 year old model. I don’t care about him anyways,” she said but she obviously did seem upset about it. I felt guilty of bringing that up.

The rest of the dinner was quite. After dinner I offered to help Lucy out with the dishes but she insisted that I go watch TV and she called her sons to help her out.

I went and sat on the couch and took out my phone. I went online on Instagram and saw what Lauren had posted. I ignored it. I knew that she was trying to gain more followers.

I heard my name so I turn back and saw Mike and Zach whispering but I could hear them.

“Hey Zach, Is something going on between you and Ivy? Because if nothing is going on, can I hit her up? She is super-hot” Mike asked and Zach said something that shut Mike up.

That was weird. Why did Mike think I was hot? Most of all was he hitting on me?

I couldn’t hear what they were taking about because I got a call from my mom.

What was it that Zach said that shut Mike up?

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