A familiar stranger

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Chapter 27

Chapter 27

Ivy’s POV:

“Ivy, come let’s go watch a movie or something in my room,” Zach said, finally.

I have been waiting for the past 30 minutes for him to come.

“Sure,” I say grabbing my phone.

While walking back to his room, I saw Mike standing in the hallway smirking.

My heart beats accelerates because I didn’t like the way he looked at me. He looked like he knew something that I didn’t.

I just ignored him and went into Zach’s room.

“Hey, you fine with ‘Just go with it’?” he asked looking for movies.

“Oh my god! Yes. I always wanted to watch the movie but I couldn’t,” I say.

I can’t believe he wants to watch it too.

He had already made popcorn so we watched the movie.

It was the best movie. I really loved it. During some parts I wanted to cry, Zach sensing it gave me a box of tissues and said, “You can cry.” I blushed.

After the movie, I saw the time and it was still 8 0’clock. “Want to watch another movie?” I ask.

“Yes. Which movie though?” he asked.

“Since we already saw a happy movie, let’s watch something scary,” I say looking at him.

“The nun,” we both say in unison.

We both laugh and start watching it.

I noticed that his hands were very close to me. I so wanted to reach out and touch his arm but I didn’t know how he would respond to it so I just continue to watch the movie. Suddenly Zach moves his hands next to mine and holds it. It felt nice and I let him hold it.

Suddenly this scary past comes and I scream and hug him, without realising it. He put his arms around my shoulder and let me stay there.

I felt protected and safe whenever his arms were over mine. It was reassuring that I had him whenever I needed him.

I stayed like that for the rest for the movie and I fell asleep.

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