A familiar stranger

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Chapter 28

Chapter 28

Zach’s POV:

“Hey Zach, Is something going on between you and Ivy? Because if nothing is going on, can I hit her up? She is super-hot” Mike asked me.

“Back off Mike, she’s mine,” I say whisper- screaming. How dare he. Couldn’t he see that I really like her? Couldn’t he see the way I look at her? Couldn’t he see that I had given her my clothes?

“Ok bro, If you say so,” Mike asked backing away.

Before when Ivy had gone to change out her clothes, I called Jade up. I had her number and she had given it to me last year when we all were friends.

“Hey Jade. Can I ask you something?” I say.

“Hi Zach and sure,” she says.

“Listen Ivy and I are having a sleepover so give me a movie she really likes I want to impress her,” I ask.

“I know that you guys are having a sleepover but wait. You like Ivy?” she asks.

“Yes but don’t tell her yet ok?” I say hurriedly.

“Sure. She really likes the movie ‘Just go with it’” she says.

“Thank you Jade. I’ll talk to you later,” I say hanging up.

When I told that we were going to watch the movie ‘Just go with it’, she got really excite like a kid who got told that she was going to Disneyland.

During some parts she looked like wanted to cry, I gave her a box of tissues and said, “You can cry,” and she blushed.

Awe she looked when she blushed.

After we watched it, we both decided to watch ‘The nun’. We both wanted t watch it and I hadn’t asked anyone about it. It was honestly a coincidence.

Her hand was very close to mine and I wanted to reach out. But I was scared but after a few moments I was like, fuck this, and held her hand and surprisingly she held mine too. She didn’t jerk her hand off.

A part which was kind of scary comes and Ivy screams and hugs me. I honestly liked it. I do what I wanted to do the whole night; I put my arms around her shoulder and let her stay like that for the rest of the movies.

If a third person walked in and saw us like that, they would have thought that we were in love.

She falls asleep on my chest and I let her sleep because she had a rough and hard day.

I tugged her in and pulled the comforter over her and just look at her.

She was really pretty even when she slept. I mean not everyone can do it.

Her cheek where Noah had slapped her was purple and it was kind of bleeding back then so I apply medicine on it.

I honesty have no clue how Noah let her go and how could he even slap her like that. She is honestly the kindest and the most beautiful human being I have met.

She looked very fragile and I swore that I will never let her get hurt ever again. I never swear but if I do I keep it.

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