A familiar stranger

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Chapter 29

Chapter 29

Ivy’s POV:

I woke up because of the birds chirping sound. I saw the time and it was 6 o’clock and I was already up. I turn over an see Zach sleeping very close to me.

I remember falling asleep on his chest, so he must have covered me with blankets. He looked so sweet when he was sleeping. Those lips looked so soft that I just wanted to kiss them.

I shake my head saying, “No, this can’t happen. I can’t like Zach or else what happened between me and Noah will happen to us.”

I got out of bed and went into the restroom. I see a box of toiletries near the sink with a post it “Ivy use these stuff for now. – Zach”

I see that it has a new toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, body wash and a face scrub. Everything was new in it.

How sweet he remembered that I got nothing and he had organised it before going asleep last night.

I looked into the mirror and saw medicine applied to my cheek. Zach had applied it. How sweet is he?

I brush my teeth, wash my face and go downstairs. By the time went don it was 7:30 and I saw my mom sitting next to Lucy.

“Hi darling. Here’s your kit and essentials,” my mom replied before going back to tlk to Lucy.

“Thanks mom,” I say going to Zach’s room and he was still asleep.

I get into the shower and wash away all my worries with it too.

As I came out of it, I saw that my mom had packed towels too. I wrap myself in the towel an get out and saw Zach awake.

“Hey Ivy,” he said turning.

“Shit. I’m so sorry,” he said after looking at me wrapped in a towel.

“It’s fine chill,” I say not worrying.

“I’ll go and take a shower too while you get dressed,” he said got down the bed.

What a gentleman.

I quickly dry myself, apply lotion, wear my clothes, take out the towel which was wrapped around my head and applied lip balm and my favourite perfume which was in my school bag.

Come on I wanted to smell good always so I carry it to school. No big deal.

As I was combing and drying my hair, Zach came out, wrapped in a towel.

He looked like a Greek god to me. His towel was almost at the edge of his waist and was teasing.

“I’m done, I’m going,” I say getting out.

If I stay for one more second in the room with him like that, I would have got melted due to the hotness.

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