A familiar stranger

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Noah’s POV:

“Oh Ivy’s on Instagram,” I thought to myself, “I’ll follow her and let’s see if she’s interested in getting to know me.”

I saw Ivy in middle school and found her cute. Her class room was on the same floor as mine. After that my classroom got shuffled and I was put on the first floor. I never saw her again until now. She’s in my class.

Man, I have to tell you she has transformed. She was just this sweet and cute girl but now, damn!!

I’ve heard a lot about her. Many guys have a crush on her but she doesn’t know it. She’s really pretty and guys are just waiting for her and she doesn’t know it and that’s what makes her more beautiful.

I’m thinking as I get a notification saying Ivy wants to follow me back


I accept it. I have to admit her feed is amazing.

I always wanted to talk to her but I don’t think she would want to talk to me.

She had put a story of asking people to rate how much they think she likes them. I was like, “why not I put like say about 25% and she what she says, I thought and voted for 25%.

I was impatiently waiting for her reply and I got a message saying she tagged me on her story.

So I go to see her story “Never talked to you but would love to,” it said.

So she was interested in getting to know me. I sent a “wow”.

Come on I couldn’t say anything else.

She started texting me after that and we just kept on talking. She was a chill person. It was easy to talk to her.

We kept on talking and realised that it and been 2 hours since I’ve been texting her. I had to go call Lauren like I told I would at 6:30. I immediately tell Ivy that I had to go and went offline.

I call Lauren up and start talking to her. I got to admit Lauren is damn hot. We have spoken before but this year it was different.

She came up to me and started making a conversation. Lauren was not as easy to talk to as Ivy. Dang it. Why am I comparing Ivy and Lauren?

I spoke to her like for 2 hours about all the gossip and it was 8:30. My mom called me for dinner so I told Lauren that I’ll call Lauren tomorrow and went down to dinner.

Ha that was my entire day. I spoke to 2 people for 2 hours and now I’m having dinner.

I was supposed to be practicing Math but here I was eating my salad.

By the way I’m on a diet to get my abs by. I’m working out also not like only dieting.

I lost my abs when I broke my foot and could put strain on it for over 4 months and kept on eating like a lazy person and lost my abs. I couldn’t even play Basketball.

I know right? That’s brutal. I love Basketball.

You know they say, “You don’t understand the value of it unless you lose it,” in this case it’s my abs.

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