A familiar stranger

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Chapter 30

Chapter 30

Ivy’s POV:

I go down and saw Lucy and mom had prepared breakfast.

They had made scrambled eggs and toast and had already set tables.

I saw 4 plates so I assumed that Mike already left for Princeton. Good because I couldn’t stay with him any longer.

My mom and Lucy were still cooking something so I go sit down at the table and I take out my phone. Someone comes and sits next to me and saw Zach.

Damn he smelled and looked good. He grins at me.

“Good morning,” I say smiling.

“Morning Ivy,” he says.

“Thank you for the box of toiletries and the medicine you applied. I really appreciate it and I’m sorry I fell asleep yesterday,” I say.

“No problem,” he says grinning.

My mom and Lucy sit down at the table.

“Mom this is Zach and Zach this is my mom,” I say.

“Good morning Mrs Kennecott,” Zach says standing up to greet her.

“Good Morning to you too Zach and please call me Irene don’t get too formal,” my mom says “And please sit down. There’s no need to stand up. Zach you are such a nice kid. You offered to help Ivy. Thank you.”

“No problem Irene. It’s my pleasure,” Zach said sounding happy.

At least one guy was happy to have me.

Immediately after breakfast, we went out to his basketball court and he though me some basics.

He came behind me and held my hands as to teach me how to shoot. I wanted that moment to stay for ever.

*Snap out of it Ivy* my inner voice told and after 3 hours we sat down, tired. We sat down next to each other.

“That’s enough practice for now Ivy,” he said. “So are you free now?” he asked looking up.

“Uh huh,” I say, too tired to say anything else.

“So want to go for a movie?” he asked.

“Sure let me ask my mom first,” I say standing up.

We ask her and she was fine with it.

“Mom you didn’t get any of my clothes except my jean shorts,” sayscreamimg from Zach’s room.

“Oh I’m so sorry honey. I forgot I guess,” she said.

“Hey Ivy take my shirt,” Zach says.

I go and pull out a button down shirt and wore it and got ready.

“Whoa! Seriously how do you rock in my clothes?” he asked.

I smile and strike a pose and go down stairs.

“Ivy is that Zach’s shirt?” my mom asks. “Yeah” I reply.

“It looks amazing on you,” both mom and Lucy say.

My mom called me and gave me her credit card before adding, “Don’t go crazy with the money young lady,” and I giggled and gave a nod.

Zach and I both go out and sit in his car.

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