A familiar stranger

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Chapter 31

Chapter 31

Zach’s POV:

Ivy sat next to me in the front set while driving to the mall.

I have got to admit she smells good. And she did look hot in my shirt.

As we reached the mall, Ivy went to Starbucks and ordered her drink, Mocha Frappuccino, a Venti size and told that we could share it.

She never shares her food with anyone. I was surprised when she said that. We first went shopping.

Ivy tried all the clothes in the store and everything looked amazing on her but she only bought like 5-6 of them and she helped me buy clothes too even though I insisted I had enough of them.

She had a good taste in clothes and we bought shoes after it.

I tried walking in heels but instead I almost tripped but Ivy caught me.

“You are my knight in shining armour,” I reply acting like a girl.

She laughs and pays for our bill.

“No Ivy. Let me pay,” I insist for like the thousandth time but she just proceeded paying.

“You can pay for the movie tickets and popcorn,” she says after I make a face at her.

We were waiting in line for popcorn and Coke. I went to the washroom real quick and came back.

When I came back I saw a guy run his hands on Ivy’s back and ass.

She looked scared to say something. How dare he?

I run up to him and punch his face. I started beating the hell out of him.

“Zach, no, stop it,” Ivy kept on saying but I didn’t stop because he got his hands on my girl’s back.

I let him go and we walk into our theatre.

“Zach why did you do that?” Ivy asked when we settled down.

“No one touches my girl like that,” I say.

“What?” Ivy asked confused.

“Ivy I really like you and I swore that I will never let you get hurt,” I say.

“Zach,” Ivy says really softly.

I look at her and she was on the verge of crying.

She pulled me closer and kissed me.

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