A familiar stranger

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Chapter 33

Chapter 33

Ivy’s POV:

I honestly had no clue that Zach had liked me. After we kissed, he took me home and I went home with my mom.

I still had his sweatshirt and button down shirt. I thought that I will wash it up and then give it to him.

I was honestly scared to go to school because I had to face Zach.

Doubts got planted into my head. What if Zach regretted kissing me? What if he stops talking to me?

When I reached school I went to my class and avoided Zach.

I went to my locker and started arranging it. I couldn’t find Zach for the whole day. I went up to Cody, Jim, Elliot and Henry and asked them.

They just looked at each other and smiled before saying that they don’t know.

I knew something was up but I chose to leave it sat next to for lunch.

I was free in the last period so decided to call him up. But he didn’t answer it. A girl, from my Spanish class came up to me and gave me a note.

“Bear, I knew you were the one for me when we first meet. So come there,”

I go my old classroom and searched for the place we used to sit in but I got nothing.

Then I remembered I met him when I was in the library. I go to the library and went up to the place where we first met.

He was holding a book probably for reading it and I told that it was a good book to read. I search for that book and paper fell out.

“You went to our old class room first didn’t you? Anyways good job of finding it. Now remember the time I sat next to you when you cried about that douche? Come there,”

I go to the area where I sat on that day and saw a Mocha Frappuccino waiting for me with a note,

“Drink this and come to the place where you punched Lauren,”

I go to my class room and saw roses waiting for me and a note,

“Come to the place where you like to eat,”

It was cafeteria because it had food.

I saw a locket sitting for me. I pick it up and saw a guy come up to me and gave me a note,

“Come to the place where I love the most,”

It had to be the field.

So I run not wanting to waste another second to see my prize.

When I went close to the field, I saw so many students standing and covering my path.

As I entered the field someone screamed,

“She’s here. Let her come” and everyone made space for me to walk.

It felt awkward. Like there were like these people just smiling at me and had parted way so that I could move. I felt like a celebrity except I didn’t have a spot light shining upon me and had no camera.

Scratch the last part out. People were holding out their phones now.

I saw Zach standing in the middle of the field. I walked towards him when Elliot came and took the things in my hand.

Ed Sheeran’s Photograph started playing. I really liked that song.

I walk up to him and his smile got wider.

“Ivy, I know about everything you went through. I know about all the concerns and doubts you have. I know that heart has been broken recently so let me fix it back together,” he said going on his knee, “So Ivy Kennecott, will you be my girlfriend?”

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