A familiar stranger

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Chapter 34

Chapter 34

Zach’s POV:

Everyone wanted to help me ask Ivy out because everyone wanted the best for her.

She at last arrived and everyone went down as planned.

Her favourite song Photograph started playing. I could see the excitement in her eyes.

My heart just stayed normal. It was weird. I wasn’t scare of asking her ut

“Ivy, I know about everything you went through. I know about all the concerns and doubts you have. I know that heart has been broken recently so let me fix it back together,” I say going on my knee, “So Ivy Kennecott, will you be my girlfriend?”

Everything around us became quite. Everyone was holding their breath.

“Yes. YES, YES, YES,” she said practically jumping.

I stand up and hug her. But she pulls me and kisses.

Everyone started cheering for us. It looked like as if they all were asked out.

“I have something planned out for us today. After school,” I say when we were going back to our class to grab our bags. School was about to get over in 1 minute.

“I have more surprises waiting for me,” Ivy replied holding my hand.

“Yes princess,” I say kissing her cheek.

I take her to her house and give her a dress.

“Zach, this was the dress I wanted to buy yesterday and I couldn’t because it was already bought by someone. How did you get it?” she asked.

“I have my ways. Now go get dressed and I will talk to your mom,” I say and she goes.

I actually went up to the girl who bought it and explained about how Ivy wanted it so much and she agreed and gave it to us. I obviously had to pay for it.

Her mom comes and asks, “Did she say yes?”

Her mom knew about my plan. I asked my mom, her mom and her dad for permission first. And they agreed.

“Yes Irene and I’m taking her out on a date if that is alright?” I ask.

“Sure why not but remember do not get drunk,” she said and Ivy came out looking too pretty. My heart skipped a beat.

“How do I look?” she asked turning and showing her dress.

“Beautiful,” I say kissing her.

“Oh here are your clothes”, Ivy said taking out my sweatshirt and shirt I let her borrow. It was neatly ironed and washed.

“Keep it. It looks better on you anyways,” I say giving it back to her.

“Thank you,” she said taking it.

“Kids let me take a photograph of this. Say Zavy” her mom said getting out her camera.

We giggle and say Zavy, the name which was given to us. Zach + Ivy = Zavy

I knew that she liked this restaurant nearby so I made a reservation for us.

We ordered what we liked and we started chatting. I have never been this happy in my life. I knew that I wanted Ivy and I got her.

They had a dance night and we both started dancing. She was a good, no, amazing, dancer so I was scared I was going to embarrass her.

“No you will not embarrass me. Follow my lead,” she said as if sensing my mind.

She put her arms around my next and I put my arms on her hip. We moved in sync.

After dinner, I took her outside.

“I want to take you somewhere,” I say.

I take her to the spot which is very close to my heart. I stop the car and take her outside. It was cold so I gave her my jacket.

“Thank you,” she says wearing it.

“You know I used to come up here as a kid when my dad ran off with Claudia,” I said.

She understood and held my hand. I squeeze it back. We stayed there in comfortable silence, looking at the stars. Since it was getting late, I drove her home.

“Bye princess,” I say as we reached her home.

“Bye Zach,” she said and I kissed me, “and thank you for everything. By everything I mean not only for today, but for everything you ever did to me.”

I could see that she actually meant it.

“The pleasure’s all mine,” I say and she gets down and walks towards her door she turns back and signals me to go.

I just say no and asked her to go inside first.

Once I saw her go inside and lock the door, I drive away.

I felt like the luckiest guy on the planet.

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