A familiar stranger

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Chapter 35

Chapter 35

Noah’s POV:

I was just dumb struck when I saw all the things Zach made for Ivy.

I didn’t know that he liked her so much. He didn’t even get in trouble for bunking the last period.

She said yes to him and they kissed. How could she move on so easily?

She really liked me but now she kissed Zach and she’s his girlfriend? How is that possible?

Then I realized that I was a complete dick towards her. She really did like me but after what I did, I didn’t think that she will get over me.

I felt guilty as to everything I did t Ivy. She was very nice and I completely hurt her.

All of this started because she was talking to other guys. Why did I have to do this to her? I was jealous, I know that, but I think that I went too far with the plan.

What kind of an ass hole does this to the girl who actually liked him?

I have a confession to make: whenever I saw Ivy, I used to think about the time we would date. I always wanted her to be mine but I got jealous and I destroyed her.

What is done is done. I have Lauren now and I have to make her happy at least. But the guilt is eating me up.

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