A familiar stranger

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Chapter 36

Chapter 36

Ivy’s POV:

It’s been a year since I and Zach have been dating and everything is going on fine.

I never realized how much I was falling for him. I was the leader of the school’s cheerleading squad and I have learnt how to play basketball now, so when there is a shortage of members during any competitions, I play for them.

Zach and I still have sleep overs at his or my house.

He has attended all of my family celebrations and I have attended his.

He knows all of my darkest secrets. I even told him that I don’t want to have sex till I’m comfortable and he agreed to it.

Prom was in a month and Zach hasn’t still asked me out so I decided to ask him before.

I knew that today he had after school practice, so I went up to my cheerleading squad and asked for their help and they agreed to it.

We started performing a dance we have choreographed for special events like this.

Everyone in the field stopped practicing and looked at us. Zach had no clue what was happening and just looked surprised.

As I walked up to him, girls held up signs which said,

“Zach, will you go to Prom with me?”

“Oh my god, you did this for me?” he asked.

“Yeah after how you asked me out, I wanted to ask you out for Prom to make it special,” I say going closer to him. Everyone goes “Awe”.

“YES!!!” he says jumping around like I did.

Now everyone starts laughing including me who understood the joke. People had already started capturing this proposal have already tagged me and have posted on Instagram.

We ask a couple of people to take a picture of this and I post it on my Instagram saying,

“Girls, he is taken. He is my prom date,” and tagged him.

I immediately got a 200 likes and thousands [not literally but you get it right] of “Damn its”, “Awes” and heart emoji’s.

I show it Zach and we both start laughing.

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