A familiar stranger

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Chapter 37

Chapter 37

Noah’s POV:

The guilt in me started getting more and more. I couldn’t handle it.

“I have a confession to make Lauren. I started liking Ivy and well I started ignoring her because I met you. I feel guilty of what I did to her. I really am,” I say. She said that it was fine and she wanted to make a confession too.

“You remember my Ex whom I told that he started getting too bossy well that’s not the reason why we broke up. He started liking Ivy and I felt ignored so before he ignored and ditched me I left him,” she said.

I couldn’t believe that she had lied to me. I stare at her in disbelief.

“I’m sorry I lied to you,” she said.

I forgave her and I asked her to be my prom date and she agreed.

“Hey why don’t we go and apologize to Ivy and Zach?” I suggested.

She thought for some time and agreed to it.

Wait Lauren agreed to apologise to someone. This was something new!

“Why don’t we throw them a party?” she suggested.

“Sure,” I say walking towards them.

Ivy and Zach were sitting near the benches with their friends. They all were sitting and laughing. Ivy looked really happy. I wish I could’ve made her that happy.

“Ivy and Zach,” I say and they all look up.

Ivy’s face falls and Zach comes in front of her to protect her.

“Look, I and Lauren are here to apologize for whatever we did. I was a jerk. Hope you can forgive us,” I say.

“Yeah, we are sorry,” Lauren adds.

Zach just stares at us and looks at Ivy. She just nods at him.

“What has happened has happened. It’s a good thing that you regret whatever you did. You are forgiven,” she says.

Everyone stares at her in disbelief.

“Guys, they realized their mistake. Can we just forgive them and give them another chance?” Ivy says trying to convince them.

“We are ready to give you another chance just because Ivy asked us,” they say.

“Listen Noah, if you or Lauren ever hurt my Ivy again, I swear I’ll kill you,” Zach says threateningly. He called her his Ivy.

I nod.

“So in order to make up for whatever we did, we are throwing a party tonight for you guys at my place,” Lauren says.

“Ok,” Ivy says, walking away with Zach and rest of his group.

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