A familiar stranger

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Chapter 38

Chapter 38

Ivy’s POV:

I get ready and leave with Zach for Lauren’s and Noah’s apology party.

“You look hot, princess,” Zach said kissing me.

“You don’t look bad yourself,” I say getting into his car.

When we reached her house, I saw a lot of people from my school.

I took water from the fridge, because I felt thirsty from talking to everyone.

We meet people and start dancing. After like 20 minutes I excuse myself and go to the restroom to check my makeup.

“Hey Ivy, can I join you?” Lauren asked standing near the door.

“Sure,” I say.

“Look I am really sorry for what I did,” she said.

“It’s ok, Lauren,” I say.

“Oh come with me to my room, I have something to show you,” she said taking me to her room.

Suddenly I felt dizzy. But Lauren helped me to her room.

I saw a guy standing in the dark. He comes out and pushes me onto her bed.

“What?” I ask.

“Stupid Bitch, you think I wanted to ask you to forgive me? It was all Noah’s idea. I just want revenge. You slut, you made Noah and Zach also fall in love with you now huh? How many guys do you need? I am so fucking tired of you making everyone love you. I spiked the water you drank too. I will destroy your reputation right now,” she said coldly.

“Kevin, do your work now,” she said to the guy who pushed me onto her bed.

“I’m sorry,” Kevin said.

It was the Kevin who had liked me. He was now listening to Lauren. He wasn’t actually sorry. He enjoyed what he was doing.

Lauren took out her phone to capture this and Kevin started kissing me.

He tried taking out the zip of my dress. But I managed to not let him do it.

“Help,” I whisper but Kevin just shut my mouth with his hand.

He kissed me even more.

“Help,” I managed to scream this time.

A guy bursts in and saw that it was Cody.

“What the fuck is going on Lauren. Is that Ivy? Fucking let her go Kevin,” he screamed launching on Kevin.

He snatched Lauren’s phone from her hand and destroyed it.

“You fucking little bitch, I knew that you weren’t this nice. Get the fuck away from her,” he said kicking both Lauren and Kevin out of the room.

“Ivy are you fine?” he asked coming next to me.

“Cody, she spiked my water and set Kevin up to rape me,” I say crying.

“It’s ok, I’m here now. Come on let’s go,” he said.

I get up from the bed and set my makeup and hair.

“Please do not tell Zach or anyone about this,” I say.

“Fine,” he says asking me back to the living room.

“I want to go home Zach,” I say and he takes me home.

“Are you alright, Princess,” he asked me.

I just nod and run inside my house.

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