A familiar stranger

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Chapter 39

Chapter 39

Ivy’s POV:

When I went to school the next day, everyone was looking at something on their phones.

They looked at me and started whispering.

Cody comes running to me and shows me the pictures.

“Ivy, look someone posted these pics yesterday,” he says.

The pictures were of I and Kevin in be. It looked like as if I was enjoying it.

I see Zach and try talking to him but he just ignores me.

“Zach, listen to me. It’s not what it seems like,” I try saying.

He kicks his locker.

“I can’t believe you can do this for me. After all I did. You bitch, I should have known about you. You told that you didn’t want to have sex with me till you were comfortable and I agreed but you felt comfortable enough to sleep with Kevin. I can’t believe you. We are over,” he said walking away from me.

I sit down and just cry.

“Ivy why don’t I tell him the truth,” Cody says.

“No Cody, if he doesn’t want to listen to what I’ve got to say. I say going over to Kate and Scarlet.

I tell them everything that happened yesterday and today.

“Ivy, come here,” Scarlet says hugging me.

“It’s ok,” Kate says rubbing my back.

“Ivy Kennecott, please come to the principal’s office,” the announcer said.

I go and see my mom sitting there.

“Ivy what is this,” she asked.

I tell them everything. The principal looked shocked.

“But we got the information after tracking that Ms Victoria was the one who posted it. But let’s call Cody for confirmation,” the principal said calling Cody.

He narrates the story the same way as me.

“We believe you, Ms Kennecott. Do you want to press charges on Kevin, Lauren and Victoria?” he asked.

“No sir,” I say and my mom just nods at me.

“Then you are free to go now,” he said.

I go to my class and everyone just stares at me. I couldn’t stay in class. I go to the nurse and take an exit slip and go home.

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