A familiar stranger

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Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Ivy’s POV:

Soon the weekend was over. Me and Noah had spoken more and became closer than I thought. I went super early to school as her bus driver wanted to drop them off at school hurriedly.

I went inside and as usual there was no one in the class. I didn’t expect anyone to come that early also. My best friend Autumn had bunked that day so I kept myself busy by organizing my books in my cupboard.

I picked up those heavy books from her bag to my locker, suddenly I heard the door open. When I turned to see who it was when I stumbled and my books fell down.

I immediately bent over to pick it up but it was hard as my skirt was super tiny. I completely forgot about the person at the door. Sensing that I was finding it difficult to pick my books up, that person came up to immediately to help me up, “here let me help you,’ the voice said.

It sounded deep and male like so it was definitely a guy. I feared that it must be Kevin but his voice wasn’t that good. “Who is this person being so nice to me,” I thought.

I stole a look to see the person next to me and it was Noah. I stopped breathing. I was about to freak out when he said, “Here Ivy let me help you,” offering his right hand. I took it and stood up and thanked him. I had thought that Noah had been texted her as a prank. Like come on why would a person like him talk to a girl like me? But now it was proved that it was Noah himself who was texting me and was interested in getting to know me.

We immediately started talking and when people started coming we parted saying that we will talk later. Who ever saw us talking they rushed to ask me a ton of questions. But I fruitfully diverted the topic and I went to breakfast whereas he took Lauren for a walk around the school.

Our first period was math. I fucking hate math. I even wanted to drop it but my parents told that it is an important subject in life so I was stuck here in class learning something I don’t understand and don’t like.

The teacher was also bad. She just used to come in, scream at us, gave us a few questions to do on our own and went and sat down. This was her everyday routine.

Autumn had dropped science and math and had taken economics and Environmental science instead. How lucky is she?

Since I was poor in math and I had no one to sit next to I went over to a girl who looked like she was smart. “Hi I’m Ivy. Can I next to you?” I asked smiling at her. She looked up and said “I know who you are. Don’t introduce yourself. Yeah sure you can sit next to me. I’m Katherine Di Luca by the way.”

She was nice. I learned that her friend had also taken EVS [Short for Environmental Science]. She was what I expected her to be: smart, nice and sweet.

She had amazing hair too. It was set like as if someone had curled their hair and put a lot of hairspray to keep in it place. But hers were natural and her hair was very shiny and smooth. I didn’t touch but you do get to know when you look at someone’s hair. When you look at my hair, you will realise that it is rough and has a lot of volume. It doesn’t stay in place if I don’t straighten it and put serum or hairspray.

Anyways I asked for her number for you know notes for sums I couldn’t get solutions for and that were literally everything.

My other two friends, Jamie and Jessica were mad at me as I didn’t go up to them for doubts but to Katherine.

As soon as math was over it was second language. Since mine was a mixed class I had to go to another class for Spanish class. I was late as I couldn’t find my book and everyone had left for their classes.

I ran out of the classroom and when I was about to take a turn in the corridor I bumped into someone. I was about to fall backwards when a strong grip held me. I looked up because the person was very tall. It was Noah.

I move backwards and straighten my dress and all I could say out of embarrassment was “I’m sorry” over and over again. He didn’t seem to mind that. He just smiled off and went into the class and asked me to wait for me.

As I was waiting for him outside I realised that he had taken French, so why would he ask me to wait for him? He soon came outside and walked to our respective classes.

Some people looking out of their classroom windows gave different expressions. Some were disgusted by seeing us walk together, some were smiling and some were surprised and some didn’t even care like come on anything is better than teacher’s going on and on about some stupid lesson.

We ran to our classes and turned back and smiled at each other. I went and sat next to Jamie was jealous I guess. She asked me what was I doing with him and when I told her she had to make some negative comment. She was always like that so I didn’t bother much about her.

Soon 40 minutes of god knows what got over and we went back to our classes. As I entered I saw Noah talking to Lauren. I felt a tad of jealously. I didn’t want to see anymore of her flirting with Noah so I and Jessica went to the washroom to set our hair. As I was washing my hand as it felt dirty, I saw someone come in and saw Lauren.

She came and stood next to me with that amazing hair, great ass only [I beat her in those. People have told me I have amazing body than her]. I am also way smarter than her. I’m not like a nerd but I’m the ok kind. The ok kind is the kind where you are neither too dumb like Lauren nor too smart like Katherine.

I also have a weakness for hair if you guys have noticed.

She glared at me and went.

Everyone present in the washroom wanted to know what had I ever done to her including myself.

She always gets the guy she wants and I know that she wants Noah but I won’t let that happen.

Because bitch we are in a fucking contest to get Noah and won’t fucking let her win.

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