A familiar stranger

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Chapter 40

Chapter 40

Zach’s POV:

I was still furious at Ivy. How could she do this to me after all I did for her?

I was bitching about her to my friends in lunch.

“ENOUGH ZACH,” Cody replied standing up.

He goes up to the middle of the cafeteria and goes,

“Attention everyone,” he started and everyone went quite, “I would like to tell you all something. Do not make assumptions about Ivy without knowing the truth. She didn’t cheat on Zach. Yesterday when we went to Lauren’s party, Ivy’s water was spiked by Lauren. Lauren made a speech about how she hates Ivy and told that she will destroy her. She set Kevin up to rape her and took videos and photos of it. I anyway got in time and destroyed her phone. Ivy didn’t want anyone to know about it. We thought that no one will know but Victoria posted those pictures online. We have proof. The principal traced the IP address and found it. Ivy didn’t want to press charges against them because they have a life to live. Now, do you guys still want to speak ill about Ivy, go on,” he said coming back to his place and sitting.

“Zach, Ivy was amazing man. She was the best for you and you let her go over something that wasn’t even true,” Cody says.

I regretted screaming at her and breaking up with her. I wasn’t there when she needed me the most.

I broke my promise. I let her get hurt.

And I had hurt her even more than she already was.

What have I done?

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