A familiar stranger

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Chapter 42

Chapter 42

Ivy’s POV:

Noah and I became really close friends. We forgot about everything that happened between us. The incident of I and Zach and Noah and Lauren breaking up had been 3 weeks ago.

We had sleepovers and our parents have met. We had become best friends in 2 weeks.

Cody and Kate have been dating since a week.

Scarlet started having feelings for Noah and he had feelings for her too.

I called him over for the ways he could ask her out.

“Give a speech,” I say.

“You are the most amazing and beautiful person I have met. I was dumb to not see that in the beginning. You were right I front of me this whole time but I never realized that this will be you. So will you be my girlfriend?” Noah asked.

“Good job Noah, Scarlet will definitely say yes,” I say patting his cheek.

He continued to look into my eye.

“Don’t you get it Ivy? I really like you and this speech was for you. Sure I like Scarlet but my feelings for you are deeper,” he said.

“Noah I am really sorry. I used to have feelings for you and now I’m over you. I am in love with someone who doesn’t love me back right now,” I say referring to Zach.

“It was worth a shot at least. Let’s not tell it to anyone,” he says.

“Sure,” I say helping him get ready to ask Scarlet out.

“Wait when you said you were in love with someone, you meant Zach right?” he asks.

“Yeah. I really love him and it’s my first love. He doesn’t realize it and hates me because of the pictures and videos Lauren and Victoria took. I hope that he could just recognise it and will come back to me but that will never happen so forget about it. It’s just another Heart break story which will get added up in my collection,” I say.

I get him ready and send him on a date with Scarlet.

After 45 minutes I get a call from Scarlet.

“Hey Scar,” I say.

“Ivy, Noah and I are a thing. Thank you for everything you did for us,” she said.

“Yeah Ivy thank you,” Noah voices over.

“No problem you, lovebirds. Go enjoy,” I say ending the call.

Why can’t I have a happy ending? Why can’t my life be so easy? Does it always have to be so complicated?

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