A familiar stranger

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Chapter 43

Chapter 43

Ivy’s POV:

Another week passed by and Zach hasn’t even tried contacting me. I gave up waiting for him.

Prom was in 2 days and I had no date so Noah and Scarlet decided to take me with them.

I picked out a red dress and Scarlet picked out a blue one.

Skip 2 days:

It was the day of the prom.

We all got ready. Everyone was excited for it but I wasn’t. I couldn’t go with the person I love so what’s the point?

I go with Scarlet and Noah but I leave those two love birds alone.

I go over to the stalls and ordered for a Mojito. They were serving non-alcoholic drinks only.

The music died and a spotlight was put on the stage.

“Ivy, I was dumb to let you go in the first place. I made false assumptions on you. I promised that I will not let anyone hurt you but I hurt you myself. I didn’t know that you love me, until a certain person came up to me and showed me the recording,” I look at Noah who just smiles at me.

“I couldn’t see the girl who was made for me when she was standing right in front of me. But I knew she was the one for me when she left me. I am so sorry Ivy for being the shittiest person. You made me a better person. I still have some part in me that needs to be changed and I need you for that. Will you make me yours again and make me a better person?” he finishes and Zach steps out and comes towards me.

Everyone shouts, “Say yes”

“So Ivy am I yours?” he asked smiling.

“I am sorry Zach. Your love died for me when you didn’t believe me and suspected me. You didn’t understand that until Cody told you. I can’t be with someone who doesn’t trust me. these words are out of guilt and not out of love,” I say. Tears well up in my eyes and the slowly roll down my cheek.

I slowly push him away and run out the hall.

I sit on the stairs and cry. I know that my heart wants him but something in it doesn’t want me to be with him.

I know I love him but why?

I take my car home.

I just can’t take this shit anymore. I just take my clothes and make up off and sleep.

Actually I don’t sleep, I cry till no tears came out.

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