A familiar stranger

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Chapter 45

Chapter 45

Zach’s POV:

Ivy’s mom came up home searching for Ivy.

“Zach have you seen Ivy? It’s been 2 days and she hasn’t come home. I have given a missing complaint but the police have taken no action” she asked.

“Shit,” I say running out of my house and went searching for her.

I called all of her friends and my friends and searched for her but she was nowhere to be found.

“Hey is it possible that Lauren might have done something to her? You know how much she hates Ivy,” Scarlet said.

“Yeah, Lauren looks really happy since the last 2 days,” replied Elliot.

Noah runs to Lauren’s house and ties searching for Ivy but we couldn’t find her.

“I think I know a place where she used to live but her house got burned due to some fault in the electricity. Let’s go find there,” Noah said driving up to that area.

When we go there I saw a pendent I gave Ivy when I first asked her out. Not waiting any longer I run upstairs, trying to search for her.

I heard someone punching or kicking something.

So we all follow that sound and see Lauren caning and kicking Ivy.

“You bitch, you took everything from me. My life, fame, boyfriend and reputation. Everything I worked so hard for. You just smile and everything becomes yours huh?” she said slapping Ivy hard.

Ivy fell down, she whispered “Zach” and Lauren hit her head with a rod and she fainted.

I run up to Ivy and the others keep Lauren pinned to the ground.

“Ivy please, look at me. I can’t lose you please look,” I beg and she tried opening her eyes.

“Zach, I Love you, I always have and I always will. Don’t forget me when I die,” she said giving her smile before fainting.

We call the ambulance and we take her to the nearest hospital. While going to the hospital, the nurse asked me to talk to her so that she won’t fall asleep and go to coma.

“No Princess, you are not going to die. Our story is not done. We still have a lot of our story incomplete. We still are on chapter 7. We have to get married, have kids, see them grow up and we still have most of our story left. Don’t bail on me now. If you love me, please come back,” I say crying.

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