A familiar stranger

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Chapter 46

Chapter 46

Zach’s POV:

The surgery was a success. She had broken ribs and a hand. Her head was severely injured because of the blow Lauren gave and she had to get stitches on her forehead and had bandages on her hand and leg.

She was being tortured to death.

Lauren was arrested by the police and her parents let her. Since her parents were really rich, they put Ivy in the best hospital with the best help and paid for it all.

There she was, My Ivy looking so pale and fragile in her bed.

She was really brave throughout this whole journey. It has been a week since the incident and she hasn’t woken up yet. I was visiting her everyday hopeful that she’ll wake up.

“Loving can hurt, loving can hurt sometimes”
“but it’s the only thing that I know”

I sing her the song I played while asking her out.

“When it gets hard, you know it can get hard sometimes
it is the only thing makes us feel alive”

I wipe a tear from my face thinking about all the good times we had together.

“We keep this love in a photograph
we made these memories for ourselves
Where our eyes are never closing
Hearts are never broken
and time’s forever ---,”
I stop singing thinking it was of no use.

“Frozen still” I hear a whisper completing my line.

I look at Ivy and there she was smiling at me with that million dollar smile.

“Hey, Princess,” I say.

“May I?” I say stopping myself from kissing her.

And she nods so I kiss her.

“Thank you for saving my life again, Zach and I heard everything you told me in the ambulance” she says.

I blush.

“I do love you so I came back,” she said smiling.

I had missed that smile.

I have let her go enough and I will not let her go ever again in my life.

1 month later:

Ivy is getting better day by day. And we are getting stronger in our relationship.

Her hand and ribs were almost healed. The stitches were taken off and the injury on her head was better.

She had scars on her body which she didn’t want them to take it off by plastic surgery to remember the times she fought to survive. She mainly kept it because I asked her to. It reminds of the time I knew that I was nothing without her and about all the difficulties we went through to meet each other.

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