A familiar stranger

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Chapter 47

Chapter 47

13 years later:

Ivy’s POV:

Cody and Kate broke up years ago now Kate has met a business man and their relationship is serious.

But Cody is single as of now and does casual hook-ups. This will keep on happening till he meets “the one” made for him.

Noah and Scarlet have been in an “on and off” relationship for a long time but not since the last year. They got married and Scarlet is pregnant.

Lauren had moved to New Zealand and is working there.

Elliot had met a girl called Autumn and they are dating now. Yeah the Autumn who was my friend.

Jim just got out of his 5 year relationship with his fiancée.

Henry had come out gay and had married his long term boyfriend.

Jade left me and went to Africa all of a sudden and never returned my calls or texts.

Zach and I have are still dating. I know right it’s too long.

I have become a celebrity fashion designer whereas Zach has become an NBA player.

Zach and I were on a date, in a private restaurant where the paparazzi wouldn’t bother us.

Our song Photograph played again.

That was the song that brought us together first and that bought me back to life.

“Ivy, I knew that you were the one when we first met. I always wanted to be yours. We have had our ups and downs, highs and lows but we managed to overcome it together. You were always there for me when I needed you and I always will be by your side to protect you. We are on our chapter 13 and it’s time to move to chapter 14,” he said as I giggled. He went down on his knee.

“So Ivy Kennecott, will you agree to move on to the next chapter with me?” he asked.

“Yes! Absolutely,” I say as he puts the ring on my finger.

All of my family members and friends come out and congratulate me.

“You all knew?” I ask.

“Obviously,” they all say and laugh.

“You make me so happy Ms Kennecott,” Zach said kissing me.

“I’m sorry; I am Mrs Ryder, not officially yet but….. Soon,” I say winking.

We step out of the restaurant and the paparazzi had surrounded us.

“So Mr Ryder when will you propose to Ms Kennecott?” they asked.

We look at each other and smile. He nods at me and I show them my engagement ring.

This was going to make headlines in every gossip magazine I thought as we were escorted safely to our cars.

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