A familiar stranger

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Chapter 48

Chapter 48

Ivy’s POV:

3 months later.

“Ivy we are getting married in a month, come let’s go and search for a place and take care about everything else,” Zach says pulling me down our stairs.

“Yeah but first let me at least grab my coat at least. I don’t want to fall sick,” I sy grabbing my coat and my purse.

We decided to book a venue where we would have privacy.

After we found out that no place is private enough to get married, we decide to get married in our back yard. Our backyard was huge so that was the place we were getting married. It was private and personal.

“So, Ivy how is the preparation for yours and your bridesmaid’s dresses going on? He asked as we walk hand in hand to our cake selection.

“I am one with theirs but I have some work left on mine to do. After all it’s my dream dress which I’m going to be wearing when I’ll be marrying my dream guy,” I say kissing him.

“You do know that the Paparazzi are taking pictures right?” he asked pulling away.

“Let them,” I say continuing to kiss him. It took some time for him to give it back but he eventually let go of the fact that people were watching us.

I love tasting cakes but I remember not to over eat or I will not fit into my wedding dress.

We selected a vanilla cake with something else I honestly don’t remember.

We order white roses for our wedding.

“Hey Ivy, I have to go for my Suit fittings why don’t you hang out with your friends?” he said.

“Sure,” I say getting into my car.

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