A familiar stranger

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Chapter 49

Chapter 49

Ivy’s POV:

3 weeks and 6 days later:

I can’t believe I am getting married tomorrow.

We have had all our Bachelor’s and bachelorette parties already.

I was stressed.

“Baby, go sleep. We need our beauty sleep before our big day. Don’t get stressed,” Zach said hugging me from behind.

“You are probably right but what if something goes wrong?” I ask looking at him.

“It’s ok, we still will have each other,” he said.

His words were comforting.

“Come let’s go sleep,” I say.

We got ready for bed. As we jumped into our side of the bed,

“Ivy are you having second thoughts about the wedding?” he asked.

“Nope. I Am very clear that, you young man will be seeing me for the rest of your life,” I say hugging him.

“Good to hear that you’re not having second thoughts. Love you,” he said, hugging me and drifted off to sleep.

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