A familiar stranger

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Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Noah’s POV:

Huh I came really early today because Lauren I decided to come early as she wanted to tell me something before anyone else would come. I enter the classroom and see Ivy arranging books in her locker.

As soon she heard someone come in, her books fell and she immediately tried kneeling down to pick her books up but she couldn’t because of her short skirt.

She looked cute when she was trying to pick up her books from the ground. So I go over to help her with it, “here let me help you,” I said picking up these books.

She looked up and her eyes widened. She couldn’t believe that I had helped to pick up those books. She mumbled a thank you and we stated talking. Honestly this was the first time I saw talking to her face to face. She was a good listener also which I liked.

People started coming and people who saw us talking went up to her to ask her questions about us. Like seriously there was nothing going on between us.

Lauren soon came and I took her outside. He wanted to tell me about her past relationship. We were getting closer to each other and I’ve already told about Janice my ex and now her friend whom I dated for like a week.

“We started talking when he started making fun of the guy I don’t like. Before we knew we liked each other and kissed and we started dating. He became really annoying and started telling me what to do. He got really bossy so broke up with him. He didn’t agree to it so my parents had to get involved. That’s why I don’t like dating. I will only date someone when they are genuinely really honest to me,” she said winking at me.

I smiled and took her back to class. First was math and Lauren was bad or rather sucks in it so I decided to help her out. We sat next to each other during math but our talks weren’t about math anymore.

She saw Ivy sitting next to a new bee, and she went, “That little bitch. I hate her so much. She acts like she’s smart and stuff. Also I’m sick of her high pony. She causes too much drama,” making a disgusted face before going, “anyways don’t let her get in between us …” and she went on.

I was surprised to see that this was what Lauren thought about her. I mean she seemed like a nice girl.

We had second language after this. I had taken French and Lauren took Germany. She was familiar with Germany as her father is a German.

I left for class and realised that I left my textbook in class, so I turn back to go get it. I run because my teacher gets super pissed when we go late.

I was about to make a turn when I bumped into someone. “I’m so sorry,” she kept saying again. It was Ivy straightening her glasses and pony. How did Lauren find that pony sick? It was what made Ivy, well Ivy.

I said it was ok and asked her to wait for me and went to get my book. She was waiting for me outside when I came and we walked back together.

On reaching our classes we parted ways and went. She gave me a smile and I said bye to her before walking towards my class.

Our school’s classrooms were basically transparent so I saw Lauren looking at me from her Germany class. Not looking glaring at me.

I should have known when she started bitching about Ivy she didn’t want me talking to her.

I mumbled a sorry and went back to class.

I had a feeling that this was going to be a long and stressful day.

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