A familiar stranger

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Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Lauren’s POV:

UGHHH!!! Why does Noah keep on going to Ivy?

I fucking hate her. I told Noah that I hate her and he still talks to her like why?

What is there in her that I don’t have? Even my ex- boyfriend started having a crush on her when we were dating.

The main reason we broke up is that he was getting obsessed with her and started forgetting about me. I had a reputation to keep in school so I was the one who broke up with him before he did.

I told Noah that I was sick of her pony, it’s because that my hair never looks good in a high pony and I like, no, love high pony and her’ looks amazing in it.

No I’m not jealous of Ivy.

No I’m not.


Ok fine yes.

I’m kind of insecure about her. It’s because that she talks so sweetly to everyone and smiles and they immediately like her. Whereas they think that I am a bitch.

Not every Blonde in this world is a bitch. I mean Ivy is a Blondie too and she’s nice. I can be nice too.

I feel like she’s taking Noah away from me and I won’ let that happen. Coz bitch he’s mine.

And I will spoil that sweet and innocent and cute reputation of yours Ivy.

I’m not the kind of girl you would want to mess with and you did.

I will make your life a living hell and if I won’t, my name is not Lauren Strepford.

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