A familiar stranger

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Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Ivy’s POV:

It has been 2 months since me and Noah have started talking and I have to admit it, I’ve grown fond of him. I actually really like him, the way he smiles when he’s talking to me, the twinkle in his eye when he smiles, the toned tall body of his is very attracting. Gosh even the way he sets his hair and his cologne makes my heart skip a beat.

The day was just normal. Study-break-study-break…

After school got over I went over to Jade and we started walking back to our buses. I saw Noah talking to his friends and I saw Lauren. I felt horrible looking at them talking. He waved at me but I ignored him and started walking off really hastily before he could see me and talk to me.

But I guess i was late. I heard him call my name. I still kept walking.

He called my name again. Now I turned back and saw him run towards me leaving Lauren and his friends behind.

Lauren was clearly had a look which said, “What the fuck did just happen?”

“Hey Ivy I wanted to ask you something,” he said catching up to me.

Jade got the clue and left us to talk.

“Yeah sure,” I replied.

“Are you ignoring me? Did I do something wrong because you’ve been ignoring me since some time now,” he said looking at me.

I blinked. “What?”

It’s usually always me asking the guy this question about why were they ignoring me but Noah asked it to me.

Wait so does that mean he likes my company and feels that I’m close to me? Maybe.

“You know you have been ignoring me since quite some time so I was wondering if you were mad at me,” he repeated thinking I didn’t understand what he was saying.

“What rubbish are you talking about Noah? I’m not mad at you and why would I be? I have been busy with my work and you have been to. Gosh why would you think that?” I asked, backing away to look at him.

“Then what was your expression when you saw me just now with Lauren and others?” h enquired with curiosity in his eyes.

“Well it’s just that I don’t like Lauren ok. I think that she’s just always with guys and gets whomever she wants and now she’s taking the guy I really like too,” I said without even realising what I was saying.

I shut my mouth before anything stupid came out. Like I literally had to put my hand on my mouth.

I bushed like hell. I could feel the adrenaline getting pumped in my body.

I couldn’t look at him so I just turned away and I practically just ran to my bus.

All I could think about my bus ride back home was that “What the fuck is wrong with you Ivy? You didn’t have to tell him that. Now he’ll think that you are a creep and will never talk to you.”

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