A familiar stranger

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Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Noah’s POV:

I’ve got to admit I like Ivy. She’s nice and fun to be around with. But she stopped talking to me suddenly and started talking to other guys. I felt so bad that I started talking more to Lauren.

Lauren and I became close than I thought. She was Nothing like Ivy. She was way better than her. I decided to forget about Ivy and chase after Lauren.

I flirted with her and she surprisingly reciprocated it. I was growing fond of Lauren. I actually really do like her.

I know that I used to like Ivy and wanted to make her jealous so I started talking to Lauren but I like Lauren now. Honestly I can’t quite stand Ivy now. I’m growing sick of that high pony too like Lauren.

I realise now that she is the centre for any drama that’s happening.

I started hating her. I got to know that she kind of likes me and I told Lauren about it.

She asked me to be nice to her now and then reject her later on when she asks me out because that would hurt Ivy. I became a sadist and went according to the plan.

I saw her walking back to her bus and ran to catch up with her.

She told me that she likes me and ran away before I could say anything and Lauren gave me a thumbs up and I smiled back at her.

I don’t know what has gotten into me but I’m turning evil.

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