A familiar stranger

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Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Lauren’s POV:

I was successful in making Noah hate her.

It was easy to influence him. He started talking to me more when he saw her talking to other guys. I knew that he had feelings for her but I made it turn into pure hate for her.

Thank you Ivy for not letting me win Noah and thank you Noah for letting me save you from that innocent bitch.

Now according to my plan, she must have told him that she likes him and he’s going to tell her that he doesn’t like her the way she does because he likes someone else and that someone else is me.

I asked Noah to be nice to her till she admitted that she likes him and then to reject her and he did agreed to that.

He caught up to her while going to her bus and he got her say that she likes him and I saw her run away before he could say anything

I gave Noah thumbs up and I saw him smile in return. But his eyes seemed sad as if he regretted the plan.

Man I have got to step up my game.

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