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And then she was gone

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"She chose to stay even when she had every reason to leave, suffering in silence. But by the time he realised what he had done, she had long belonged to another!" A husband cheating on his innocent wife leads to a delicious, scandalous affair between the wife and her boss.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Serena's POV:

I couldn't be more happier and excited than I am today. I was getting married to the love of my life. Everything was just perfect; it my was going to be my perfect fairytale wedding.

I met Sam when I was only nineteen. It was my freshman year in university, and he was two years my senior. Granted, we had met each other at a party through a couple of mutual friends, but we had instantly clicked. He was not only good-looking, but had a charming personality as well. Conversations with him flew so naturally. And as time passed, we became friends to best-friends to a couple.

Many people at the University had grown envious of our relationship. But only because we were a strong pair. However, there was one person in particular who was completely hostile towards it - Sophia Reed. She was infatuated with Sam. She tried so hard to fetch his attention, but he hadn't shown her any. She was my ex-bachmate, and both Sam and I had completely stopped hearing from her after I completed my final semester.

When I finally graduated though, he had proposed to me in front of all my family and friends. And now, at twenty-two, I was actually getting married to him. Truly, I couldn't have asked for anything else. A supportive family who always had my back, a business management degree to get me a decent-paying job, and finally, a loving fiance who only had eyes for me. I literally had it all.

But perhaps I spoke too soon.

When I reached the altar in my lavish white gown, I noticed that my husband-to-be had a grim expression on his face as my father handed me over to him. I simply could not understand it. Was he not happy? He had been the one to propose to me so, why was he wearing such an expression on our wedding day?

I should've confronted him, but I didn't. I was so naive, thinking it was maybe just another trick of his to tease me.

I didn't fully understand the weight of his bitterness until it was time was the bride and groom to seal their vows with a kiss.

There was nothing gentle in the way he kissed me. It was so fierce and punishing that he nearly bruised my lip. To say that I was shocked, would be an understatement. I had no clue as to why he had become so angry towards me. I had done absolutely nothing to upset him.

I should've confronted him at least then, but I didn't. I was so so stupid, thinking that I'd be able to resolve it through our love-making the following night.

I had never slept with him throughout our relationship, and he had not once complained. I wanted to save my virtue for after marriage. And tonight, I was going to give it to him. No more holding back. He had every right to touch me and make love to me.

But perhaps, I spoke too soon again.

I hardly saw Sam throughout our wedding reception; he was not even present to dance with me. And this did prick my heart. Why was he behaving the way that he was? And if there was truly something that was bothering him, why couldn't he just discuss it with me?

People who had come to be a part of our wedding, were quick to make assumptions and grow suspicious of the groom's behaviour. Even my own family was slightly annoyed by this. And I would be lying if I said I wasn't embarrassed by it all.

Again, I didn't demand answers. I simply waited till we were alone at his apartment after the whole ceremony.

Even then, I couldn't speak to him. He completely ignored my presence and headed for his room. My suitcases were thankfully brought inside by the kind housekeeper whose name I learnt is Robert.

I pondered on what to do next as I stood all alone in his giant living room, when suddenly, an idea struck me.

I would certainly speak to him. But not as I am now.

I quickly rushed to the room next to Sam's and began undressing. My younger sister had forcefully made me purchase a nice lingerie set for my wedding night, and right now, I was going to wear that.

I knew Sam wouldn't be able to resist me in those. And when he'd finally crack, I'd ask him for answers.

Yes. That was the perfect plan.

It took me quite a while to push down my shyness and accept my appearance in those barely-there garments, but I was determined to get through to my husband.

A faint blush tainted my cheeks as I thought about Sam making love to me. I was so ready to lose my virtue to this man that I conveniently missed the sound of muffled voices coming from my neighbouring bedroom.

I quickly adorned an ankle-length robe and strode towards his room. The voices only grew louder.

I could clearly make out a female's voice from how close I was to the door. Why was there a woman in his room at this time?

My heartbeat dropped at this revelation. But I completed pushed aside all my doubts and continued on my way.

Surprisingly, the door was left ajar, and by this time, I didn't even need to peek in to know what was happening inside.

Filthy sounds of skin slapping against skin and raspy moans of a female could be heard.

I could not believe my ears. Was Sam cheating on me with another woman?

My heart was in my mouth. He can't be doing this. He loves me. He said he loves me. It was too horrible to believe that he would commit to infidelity so, I opened the door further and glanced inside. And what I saw, couldn't even have compared to my worst nightmares.

There he was, my husband, the man I was head over heels in love with, standing at the foot of his bed in all his naked glory, while the woman in front of him was kneeling on the bed as he fucked her from behind. And that woman was none other than Sofia Reed.

As if noticing my mortified stare on them, Sam looked at me. His forest green eyes that once held so much love and adoration for me, held nothing but hatred now. I could see it clearly, feel it. It was as though he had purposely left the door open for me to hear and witness such a scene.

There was not an ounce of remorse in his eyes as he continued ramming into the woman in front of him whilst still staring at me. Sophia on the other hand, wasn't even in the state to notice my presence; her eyes were closed with the amount of pleasure she must've been having.

At least someone was enjoying themself.

I slammed the door shut as I ran to my room, bile rising in my throat. As I entered, I immediately lunged for the bathroom and emptied my stomach in the commode. It was disgusting. I was completely disgusted at what I had just witnessed.

Fresh tears started dripping down my cheeks. It felt as though someone had just stabbed me right through the heart.

I couldn't make sense of it. He said he loves me. Proposed me to marry him, and on the very night of our wedding, cheated on me. Why? I had done nothing to evoke such a reaction from him.

As I sat under the cold shower, I couldn't help but think that maybe, all this time, Samuel Smith was only playing me. And that he never really loved me.

These thoughts only brought me more pain.

I didn't realise how long it had been since I had been in the bathroom, but right now, I felt completely numb. At least this was better than being in so much suffering.

I stood up, undressed and wiped myself dry with a towel.

With a broken heart, deadened senses, and a disorganised mind, I headed for the bed.

I didn't care if the door wasn't locked or if I was sleeping stark naked.

All I wanted was for this night to take my misery away.

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