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Spiral Into My Heart

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Chapter 2

I headed to my little home, went upstairs to get ready for my date with Gabriel. I was about to give up when Anne called to tell me to let her in so she could help me. So now here I am sitting on my bed as she rummages through my closet picking out the perfect first date outfit, as she likes to call it.

“Alright put this on then we will get started on your hair then makeup,” Anne said walking out of my closet and handed my the outfit she had picked out,before she walked out my bedroom door. I am not gonna lie and say that I am not nervous or worried about this date. I mean I feel as if this is some type of dare or a game Gabriel is playing.

“I can do this, I just need to put this outfit on, let Anne do my hair and makeup then go on this date with Gabe. He is not doing this as a dare or a game. I have known him a long time and I know he is not that mean.“I gave myself a pep talk then I started to get changed and went to let Anne back in but she let herself in.

“Alright, sit down and let’s get this started” she ordered me and I do as was told. I closed my eyes and let Anne do her magic. After some hair tugging and a few Ouchs later, she finished up with my hair. “Alright now it’s time for your makeup” she announced all too excited. But I keep my eyes closed and let her do what she has planned to do.

“And done,” she said so I opened my eyes and watched her as she stepped back to examine her work of art. I turned to face the mirror and did not recognize my own reflection. “Wow, Anne, you did a great job” I tell and puts her hands on her hips. “Of course, I did a good job, I am majoring in cosmetology” she sassed.

I smiled and looked at her ” thank you, I really don’t know what I would have done without your help.” she smiled and started putting the hair and makeup items away. “It’s nothing, you’re my best friend and I helped you out. We all know had I not called you that you would still be standing here trying to figure out what to wear.”

I laughed “you are totally right, I was freaking out. But now that you helped, I can calm down some.” she walked over to me and grabbed my shoulders. “You have waited for this moment since grade school, don’t let your nervousness and fear get to you.”

I nodded and looked at the time seeing it was seven twenty-five. “He hasn’t texted to ask for my address” I panic and Anne slaps me “stop it. I ran into him on the way over and gave him your address he will be here” she tells me, as I rub my arm where she slapped me.

I nodded and took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “You are in college and you need to start enjoying this adult life ok. don’t let the simplest things pass you by or you will regret it.”

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