When the Demon Smiles

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Angels and Demons. You have probably met one by now. We are led to believe that demons and angels are metaphysical creatures that can't be seen by the naked eye so that we won't suspect the people around us for being either an angel that saves our lives or a demon that tells us that cheating your taxes is a good idea. Good and Bad are concepts. Scholars and philosophers set them up in a way for us to think they're complete opposites like demons and angels; black and white. However, are they really that different?

Romance / Thriller
Lamis Hoteit
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I am awake. My mind is blank. I am constantly trying to open my eyes but my eyelids are just SO heavy!
I can feel the softness of sunlight tickling my face making my cheeks hot. I finally put in more effort to open my eyes while feeling the cool breeze that found its way through my bedsheets.
wait a minute.
I am pretty sure that I closed the window of my room before I went to sleep last night!
I immediately get up and my eyes are so wide open that they are sore. I look at the opened window and search the room for anything unusual. The pile of clothes on the floor due to me having a "nothing to wear" moment yesterday is the same, my laptop is in its place, my canvas is still as clean and untouched, and everything is pretty much the same.
I walk in my apartment checking each room carefully.
Did I open it while I was half asleep?
Oh well...I won't overthink it anyway. I have that meeting at 10:30 and I still have to shower and get ready so I'll let it pass.
Being a pattern designer in a jewelry shop may seem fancy and easier than other jobs, but our struggle to find new trending designs is what keeps my average rate of coffee cups a solid five per day. Meetings are every Tuesday and Thursday, but they are mainly about telling us to scratch our brains more or that we are late for the deadline.
I put on my skirt and T-shirt while looking at my mirror noticing how skipping meals for coffee or a cigarette can make you drop extra pounds. If my parents were alive, I would have definitely been scolded for this lifestyle. But they're gone. I am dying alone anyway so why should I care?
I step closer towards the mirror and look deeply into my grey eyes. It's a very rare color passed down to me by my mother. They go hand in hand with the sharp edges of my eyes and my black hair to make me look intimidating and unapproachable.
Thanks, mom! But I like it. I don't have a picture of my mother, so looking at the mirror was like looking at a picture of her when she was about my age.
She was way more beautiful than I am. Full of life and energy. My aunt told me that she would be watching over me with dad from heaven. I bet she's disappointed at her depressed, self-destructing daughter.
I check my phone and it's already 10 am. I should hurry! With NewYork's traffic, I might be there after the meeting ends!
"You are 15 minutes late young lady! What makes you think that you could still attend the meeting?" says Mrs. Jefferson, my boss.
"I'm really sorry! The window in my apartment was opened and it took me a while till I made sure that a thief hadn't sneaked his way in and stole something". I said while putting my coffee and laptop on the meeting room table. She noticed that I was assuming that she would let it slide, and that's what made her angrier. "Take your stuff out with you! You are responsible for every word that's going to be said in this meeting. Go!"
I glanced at Mandy, my best friend, and left the room.
I sat at my desk sipping my coffee slowly because I always burn my tongue and I didn't want this day to get any worse.
" That was an amazing alibi back there!" I turned around and laughed at Mandy's comment.
" I swear it's the truth! I am 100% sure that I closed the window last night before I slept. I even remember seeing Mr. Lendal, my neighbor, park his car while closing it" I really am dumbfounded at this incident and I am curious to know what kind of thief would open a window, enter the apartment, and leave it untouched.
"Wow, that's weird as hell" Mandy has a habit of raising her eyebrows while looking down when she's creeped out by something. She did it again now, and she has every right to be completely creeped out. "Anyway, what is our dear Julie McVille planing to this night?"
"I don't know. But maybe I'll watch a series with some popcorn and icecream, wanna come?"
"No. Because ..... I have a DATE!"
"Nooo! are you serious!??" I unintentionally screamed in the middle of the office and directly sat on her desk waiting for her to spill out the details.
"He was someone I met at the bar last week. We were with so many mutual friends so we couldn't have some time alone, but we kept stealing glances and smiles. Before we left, he pulled my arm and told me that he would like to see me and spend some alone time with me next weekend. Which is tonight!"
" NO WAAY! You hid it from me all week long! I am seriously mad at you right now" I got off her desk and sat at my chair turning it the other way around so that I won't see her face.
"Come on Julie don't get mad at me. I was worried that you would want to meet him and you know how it is when guys see you. I really like this guy and I don't want him to fall for you as Martin and Jack did."
It's not like I'm a supermodel with an angelic face that steals the heart of every guy. I'm really plain and just like any other girl, but the problem actually lies in Mandy's insecurities.
You see, society taught us to blame other girls for our relationships' failures instead of blaming guys for their infidelities and unfaithfulness.
I'm flattered that Mandy considers me hot enough to take a guy away from her even though she is much more beautiful than me with her soft features and a beautiful smile surrounded by her dimples. However, it's far from the truth.
"Mandy, they were unfaithful bastards and you know that. I'm not Angelina Jolie. I'm just Julie the plain girl." She smiled and hugged me. "No, you're not! You are my beautiful and amazing best friend, I'm sorry about that". I nodded.
I leave at 7 pm and head to my apartment. I don't drink alcohol. Ever since my parents died because of a drunk driver, I hate alcohol so much that its smell makes me nauseated. This makes me avoid bars, clubs, and parties which is why my Friday night is just like any other night.
I live in an apartment complex filled with old people so it's pretty peaceful out here. I like my peaceful, often boring, days. They make time go by slowly.
Time is something feared by the entire human race. Just think about how much we stress about the idea of time traveling and controlling time. And let me tell you, humans, only dream of controlling what they don't understand. Time is my enemy as well. If my parents weren't so late that night for their flight, if that red light kept on for an extra minute or 30 seconds, if, if, if.... Time is so crucial. It's a dangerous thing that controls our life whether we like it or not.
When I was about to unlock my door I heard a commotion inside my apartment.
Did the thief come back knowing that I was at work?
I flung the door open and took out my pepper spray but it immediately dropped along with my jaw as I saw huge white wings on the back of three young men sipping tea at my dinner table.
My Peaceful Days Are Officially Over...

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