When the Demon Smiles

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Julia's ordinary life changes when she discovers that she is an Angel and protected by a bunch of demons. how close are demons to angels? are they really the complete opposites or is there more to the story than the usual tales tell us? this story is about Julia who is suddenly a celestial creature hidden and guarded by a group of demons. hunted down by every other creature, she surrenders to the fact that she must give up her ordinary life and start fighting her fate. will she end up as a demon too?

Romance / Thriller
Lamis Hoteit
Age Rating:

Eyes Met


I checked that all the windows are closed before coming out of the house and locking the door. I heard that there is going to be a storm tonight.

I reached the supermarket where I work as a cashier and started working until my shift ended. “great, it’s raining” I scuffed angrily. I don’t have a car and even with an umbrella, I knew that I’d be soaking wet if I got out right now. So, I decided to wait until the rain stops.

Raindrops became lighter, and I decided that I should get going. It is 12:47 am. And that is when I suddenly hear footsteps running fast behind me. I turned around instantly to find


This is super creepy, “maybe it’s my imagination” I mumble to myself.

After reaching my apartment, I noticed someone I’ve never seen before getting out of the apartment next door. He was talking by phone with someone else: "I caught him don’t worry, he was probably trying to kidnap her as all the others did before...”

He was tall, with hair as dark as the night, and greenish blue eyes. he hung up with whoever he was talking to and looked at me. that is when I noticed myself staring into his eyes, and I directly turned away. To avoid the awkwardness I asked, ” Are you new here?”

he paused a little before answering my question, and then looked directly at my eyes and said ” it’s sad to think that I’ve been your neighbor for the last two years and you only noticed me now”


there’s no way someone as good looking as him lived as my next door neighbor for two years. am I in the wrong apartment complex?

“I’m really sorry but I honestly haven’t seen you before,” I said fumbling with my fingers and hair nervously. that’s when he started laughing, and then he said, "relax I was only joking, I just moved in here” I let out a sigh before holding my breath at his next sentence, “oh, and this should probably be the last time we speak, you lowly human”

his eyes turned red and I suddenly couldn’t breathe. a lowly human? me? then who is he?

“w-who are you?” I said almost stuttering. “the right question is What darling,” he said smirking.

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