Bound By Ties

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"15,000." I looked up. It was him. Thank God it was him..he heard my silent plea. "This gentleman just bid 15,000$ would anyone like to top that?” What happens when you wake up in a musty room filled with dirty mattresses and other women in the same sort of tied up situation you are? Karen has to learn very quickly just what is about to happen to her when she is captured by gang members and tossed up at an auction for people to purchase her. With the feeling of being sold she clings onto the fact that her dream of being an Olympic swimmer may no longer happen. As she stifles her cries on stage. In the nick of time from a bad purchase, Mr. Wells uses an obscene amount of money to buy Karen to make her his. With unexpected events, Karen is given the choice of how she would like to spend her time with Mr. Wells to serve her days and is given the ability to still reach towards her dream and even making a relationship out of it in the end.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1: Kidnapped

Note from the Author- This book is intended for mature readers only. This chapter does contain references to nudity. You have been warned.

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Chapter 1

I woke up feeling sore and confused. I didn't know where I was or what had happened to me. I tried to think but my head hurt too much. I must have been hit on the head prior to being knocked out, or I was drugged. I opened my eyes and looked at the room around me.

The room felt musty and damp and smelled that way to. The walls were made of stone and there were large cracks in the walls. There were no windows, just four lit light bulbs hanging from the ceiling. I tried to move but was bound by sharp zip ties. My clothes were muddy and my hair felt matted and filled with dry mud. I felt a bit of relief to know that my mouth was unbound, but I felt like I could barely talk. My mouth felt so dry.

I looked around again. I could barely move due to the zip ties around my arms and ankles. They hurt if I twisted too much. From what I could tell, there were eight other women. Everyone was on old mattresses with nothing but ragged wet clothes on them.

"Are you awake," I heard someone ask. I turned to the sound. It was one of the other woman. I just meekly nodded my head.

"Out of all the woman that were brought last night, it looks like you were able to fight off the most. Do you remember anything?" the girl asked. I shook my head.

"The only thing I remember was leaving a party it was raining and I walked through a park...I didn't have anything to drink.... I think I saw two men though...they talked to me...and then...I can't remember..." I said with a sigh and a croak.

"The men you saw were sex traders. They have been secretly finding young woman and capturing them. I watched them inject a sedative in you when you first got here. You were already pretty out of it. I'm sorry this had to happen to you," the girl said. "My name is Andrea."

"How long have you been here," I asked. "And my name is Karen."

"I also showed up last night...but I was they didn't do anything to me...I just sat and watched everyone else come...there were other people awake...and the briefly told me what was happening. There is this that room over there," she motioned her head to a room with the door closed, but there was a faint light from below the door. "Before one of the other woman was taken away into that room she went in dirty, and came out clean, naked and shaven in the appropriate places...He is in there to get you cleaned up. I'm not sure what else he does to you though. She didn't say.... he bathed them, washes them, all over and would do other things...all to see their pleasures...and then he would style, and cut their hair....then the woman would be picked up from another man and be sent up those stairs...probably to be sold to someone," Andrea told.

"This can't be happening," I said with tears in my eye. 'I have never even had sex with someone before,' I thought to myself.

"With any luck, someone will find us...or at least someone decent will take us," Andrea said. "Shh, the door is opening." Andrea immediately laid down and closed her eyes, but I was too scared to think and do the same. I just watched as a tall woman with dark, short red hair walk out of the bathroom. Her hands tied together. She was cleanly shaven, make up on her face. Her mouth was covered with cloth and tape so she couldn't talk or scream. She was sent up the stairs, followed by a man wearing nothing but a pair of tight swim shorts. He led her up the stone stairs and she was taken by another man who opened the door when the man in the shorts knocked three times.

I just stood in watch and fear. The man in the shorts walked down the stairs and looked around. Everyone but me had their eyes closed...some may have been pretending to be asleep or were asleep. The man's gaze rested on me... I was struck with fear, unable to move. He looked around again, as if he was making sure no other girl was awake.

"It appears that you are next," he said directly looking at me. The tears formed in my eyes as the man approached me. She shook her head feeling the tears flow down her face. She could barely make a sound, she whimpered "please," but it barely said that.

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