Tame a Monster

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"The only thing to stop the bond from getting stronger is doing significant damage to it.” “What kind of damage?” “I think you know exactly what kind of damage Keenan, the worst and most unimaginable things you can think of? Do it. If the damage is bad enough, it could even kill the bond. The more you starve and neglect this bond, the more it will wither and hopefully... die. But you can’t half-ass it, Keenan, you have to be committed.” And I WOULD be. ------------- I once wrote a story, a brutal story About a human girl who was destined for the alpha beast Only he could not find her worthy So he threw her to his wolves to feast He'd taken everything from her Her laugh, her love, her peace He didn't know That the bond was not meant for release Your mate is a most treasured gift from the moon and like an arrogant child From the goddess's fury, he thought he was immune He'd have to see her As she rose from the ground And finally, she grasped, that to him she was not bound She had choices A chance to claim the life that was stolen Now by his hand She could no longer be broken All while she finds solace in the arms of his enemy, once his friend He'd live life longing for her Yearning for the future that could've been But the moon's wrath he should've heeded For with this karma He realized he was never needed

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter One

Quick disclaimer, this is the FIRST story that I have ever officially written. I’ve had this idea (and many others) in my head for literal YEARS, but I always end up quitting and giving up on... all of them. But I know that if I don’t get this up here in all it’s shitty galore, it will otherwise never get done, or even written.

Now I have two accounts but am posting this strictly to my writing account. Since this is my first story, my writing WILL be complete ass. There might be a lot of grammatical errors, choppy wording, and awkward phrases scrambled about. I know it’s a deal-breaker for some people, and for this, I do apologize in advance.

I also want to let it be known that all rights to this story are reserved and I don’t give permission to use pieces of it. I’ve been these sites a long time, I’ve seen it happen to multiple authors over the years. I’ve seen their hard work stolen right from under them. Please don’t be one of those people. Thank you so much. ❤️

Now that we got that out of the way...

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I have a hard decision to make.

My cutest top, or at least my most presentable one that doesn’t call too much attention to me, is a long sleeve pink turtleneck. But unfortunately after a zillion times of wear, it now has a huge tear at the bottom and a couple bleach stains scattered on it too. I can opt to wear one of my dads oversized sweaters but I don’t want to do that. I don’t want my first day at a new school to end up like my last one. In my old school, the boys used to make fun of me because my clothes were guy clothes from garage sales or hand-me-downs from my dad.

Instead I put on two layers of tank tops and go for my dad’s old t-shirt. It’s a little too big so I try to cover how big it is by tucking the hem of the shirt into my baggy jeans. Yea it looks dorky and awful but it’ll have to do.

Next, I move onto my untamable mess of a hair. My hair isn’t exactly curly but it’s not straight either, it just lays as an indecisive heap on the top of my head. But right now it’s frizzy and crisp to the touch, no matter how hard I try to comb it through, it only gets poufier and wilder. So I just wrap it into a high pointy tail and call it a day.

Staring in the mirror, I’m nervous, and it shows a lot. I take a couple of puffs from my inhaler and then put it back in my pocket. I can do this. Just relax. This time it’ll be different, this time I’ll have friends. See? It’s all good, lets just practice:

“Hi! My name is Angeline, I’m new here. Can we be friends?”

No that’s stupid, I sound desperate.

“Hi I’m Angeline, wanna hang out sometime?”

No! That’s too fast, too soon.

“Hi! My name’s Angeline, I just moved here, mind if I sit here?”

Hmmm, at least that sounds better than the last two?

Do I show my teeth when I smile? Or would that make me look insane? Closed mouth? But then what if I look like an uptight biotch. No smile? But that’s creepy.

Whatever I’ll figure it out when the time comes.


I jump up, startled, the sound of my alarm obstructing my thoughts.

Oh crap! I’m gonna miss the bus!

Running down the stairs, I quickly whip up some coffee and toast for my dad and get an apple for myself.

“BYE DAD! LOVE YOU!” I shouted and closed the door just as the yellow school bus pulled up around the corner. Getting on, I note that there are only like five other kids in total, and they’re all... staring at me... and sniffing there air.

Oh my god. Do I smell!? I made sure to take a shower this morning! Granted all I could use was my dad’s male shampoo, didn’t even have any conditioner, that’s why my hair was always such a crispy mess. But it’s still soap! I sit down in the first empty seat and quickly turn my head away. I hate attention.

After two more stops, the first thing I notice about my new school is how small it is in comparison to my old school. Second, was how it was surrounded by a tirade of greenery, all types of trees, evergreens, and bushes encircled the building. Third, was how insanely fit and beautiful everyone was. I kid you not, everyone looked like they could be on the cover of a sports magazine or walking a red carpet. All boys and girls alike were tall, lean, and had tanned clear skin. That was surprising, for such a cold green place they looked like they spent all their time in the sun, or at least their weekends in the tanning booth.

And they too...were all staring at me.

All the model-worthy girls took in my appearance, looked at each other, and then burst into laughter. If I thought I looked anything remotely presentable before, I realize now I actually look like a freaking nuisance in comparison to everyone else. I hoped no one noticed how red my face must be.

Deep breaths Angeline, deep breaths. Once they get to know you, they’ll look past your loser appearance. Don’t be completely discouraged just yet.

With this new resolve, I make my way into the school... and only 3 minutes later do I manage to get myself lost. The hallways quickly become vacant as students start filing into their classrooms, meanwhile, I’m still here wandering around aimlessly, too intimidated to ask for directions. Plus it’s not like everyone’s being super inviting either.

“Um, are you lost?” A really pretty girl with red hair and light brown eyes asked me. I won’t lie, I was secretly relieved someone came up to ask me.

“Um, yea,” I said sheepishly. “Do you know where room N114 is?”

“Yea that’s AP Calculus, It’s right next to my classroom. C’mon, I’ll take you there.”

“Oh thank you!”

“No problem, what class do you have next?”

“It says History, room W217”

“Oh! So do I! My name’s Jean by the way.”

“I’m Angeline, it’s so nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too, mind if I ask why you moved to Chambers, Oregon of all places?”

“Well my dad finally got a job, and I think he wanted something new, so we just upped and moved here.”

“What does your dad do?”

“He’s a janitor at the Riverside Hospital.”

“Oh,” she said and then nodded her head. “Where did you move here from?”


“Oh cool. I’ve never been, and please excuse us for acting so weird. The last time we had someone new transfer to this town was Susie Pearson, and that was in the second grade.”

“Wow,” I said surprised. Suddenly all their ogling made sense, I thought I’d easily pass under the radar. But of course, they’d immediately notice a stranger if the last new person was “new” literally years ago.

“Also, don’t take it to heart if some of us seem standoffish, not everyone is used to newcomers. Or even welcome to them.

“But yea, this is you.” She said standing outside a classroom. I felt uneasy as I saw everyone staring through the sliver of a window on the door, as though they knew I was approaching before I actually arrived if that makes any sense.

“Thanks again for helping me. I’m sorry I made you late for your class.”

“Oh I’m not worried, and it was my pleasure. Since we have our next class together, I’ll come back and show you the way again.”

“That’d be awesome,” I smiled, “thanks!”

“Do you wanna exchange numbers in case you have questions?”

“Oh, I actually don’t have a phone.”

Jean raised her eyebrows, “you don’t?”

I shook my head, I know, what kind of teenager doesn’t have a phone?

“Oh well, in case you do get one, here’s my number,” she said and scribbled on a crumpled piece of paper. “If you see me in the halls, don’t be afraid to ask me questions.”

“Okay, I will,” I said, then we went our separate ways.

My first friend. This wasn’t so bad, things were starting to look up already.


Art ended up being really fun and I even got to sit next to Jean, another bonus was I got along great with everyone sitting at our table, they were really curious about me and asked lots of questions. I only wish I was a much more interesting person. My next class was PE, and I was not looking forward to this at all. I have absolutely no athletic bone in my body and my asthma won’t let me exert myself more than my lungs can handle... which wasn’t much, to begin with. It also sucked that my new friend, Jean, wouldn’t be in this class.

For some context, my mom died when I was only two, so I was solely raised by my father, I love that man, but he’s clueless when it comes to girls. For instance, I started wearing pads at 13 even though I actually got my period at nine years old. All because he didn’t believe me when I told him I did I get it. It was a struggle making unreliable makeshift pads out of toilet paper those first few years. At 13 I begged my dad to buy me bras because I developed my breasts and they were getting harder to conceal. He said no because I was ‘too young’.

Imagine my humiliation when I caught Tommy Davidson whispering and snickering with his friends while simultaneously pointing at my chest.

For all of the 7th and 8th grade, I wore only sweatshirts and several layers of shirts just so that no one could see my chest. Finally freshman year my dad gave in and took me to the thrift shop. I got to get myself three bras that I thought were closest to my size. Now three years later, I’ve outgrown all of them and am now down to the very last one. I had to resort to wearing multiple tanks tops again, along with the very worn-out bra to keep them from spilling out. I wasn’t exactly “small” in that area.

I do love my dad, and I know he means well, it’s just that he can’t see he’s wrong. He’s hopeless sometimes.

All the girls change into their PE uniform, a red shirt, and black shorts, I don’t have any those yet so I just meet all the other girls in the gym. Amongst the girly chatter, I sit alone and mostly ignored.

C’mon Angeline, you know you won’t make any friends if you don’t put yourself out there.

I spot another girl that isn’t involved in the chit chat like everyone else. She’s picking at her nails with a bored expression on her face.

Here goes nothing.

“Hi! I’m Angeline, I’m new here.”

She gave me a once over then said, “kay.”

Then said nothing else.

Great. I just made a fool of myself. As I’m about to walk away, she says, “Hey! Where are you from?”

“I’m from Chicago.”

“Isn’t that a city?”


“What’s it like in the city?”

“Busy, always crowded, but at least there’s always something to do. Have you never been to a city?” I said surprised.

She shook her head, then looked almost defensive, “I don’t need to go to any city. I have everything I need here. I was just curious.”

, “Oh I didn’t mean anything by it! I’m just surprised is all. So does that mean you don’t really travel?”

“No, I’ve never been outside Chambers before.”



“Wow, if you could leave, would you?”

“Yea, but just for a visit,” she looked down at my outfit again. “Why you dressed like that?”

That was awfully blunt, but I don’t think she was trying to be rude, just genuinely curious. “Like what?”

“Like a boy.”

“It’s just how I dress,” I gave a careless shrug, I was hoping my cheeks weren’t flushed in embarrassment. “Do you-”

My sentence is interrupted when she clamped her hand down on my arm and yanked me to the side.

“What’re you doing?”

“Shh! You’re in their way!” She said looking nervously behind me. I turn around and see three girls catwalking in as though it were a runway. Even the wind was blowing their hair away from their face in sync with their steps. They were all absolutely stunning, and you could tell they knew it. Especially the girl in the middle, she was Regina George level hot. But what weirded me out the most was how every girl’s head was bent at an angle that exposed a certain degree of their necks, even the girl I was just talking to had her head bent to the side.

Once they were out of earshot, I asked, “whoah, who are they?”

“That’s Vivienne, Carla, and Savannah. Vivienne is Alph-Keenan’s girlfriend. No one messes with her, and you shouldn’t either. In fact, make it a point to stay out of her way, the last girls Keenan screwed are still recovering. So just don’t talk to him or make any eye contact with him for long periods of time. She’s absolutely anal about him.”

There was one girl like Vivienne in my old school too, her name was Taylor and she was pretty rude, but then again isn’t there always a Taylor at every school?

However, I get the feeling she’d have to take some pointers from this Vivienne girl, especially if she can literally make the whole floor quiet and girls intentionally move out of her way. There was no way I was barking up her tree.

“Speaking of Keenan, I wonder where he’s at. I haven’t seen him all day-not that I care or anything.” She stammered and looked around almost paranoid.

Apparently, my PE class was in the middle of the volleyball unit and unsurprisingly I was the only one that sucked at the sport, the way they played was like they deserved to compete in the Olympics. It was a very competitive intense match.

But at least I made somewhat of a friend in Ulisa, that was her name. She was nice I guess, very blunt and aloof but at least she talked to me?


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