Tame a Monster

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Chapter Fourteen

Where am I? What am I doing here?

I was in the field I grew up playing in as a pup, I recognized it by the placement of trees and greenery. Everything was as I remembered it, nothing seemed out of place until I spotted something prancing around in the middle of the field.

It was a tiny wolf pup.

Taking multiple steps forward, I observed as the pup stood still suddenly and shifted, it was a boy, he couldn’t be any older than four or five years old and he sat playing in a bed of grass, building a wall of flowers.

It was me, at least it had to be right? The boy was an exact carbon copy of me, down to the straight black hair. The only real thing distinctly different were his eyes… they were green.

Suddenly I felt something tug at my pant leg, looking down, I was alarmed to see a small toddler of a child looking up at me expectantly.

It was a little girl.

A weird warm sensation fluttered across my chest as I looked down at her.

Little dark curls framed her face in two pigtails, her eyes were a vivid blue color, and she sucked on a little pink pacifier.

I could only describe the emotion I felt as… fondness?

Who was this little girl and why did she evoke such emotions in me?

She raised her arms up to me, as to say “lift me”, and she gave me a very gummy smile with few baby teeth.


And just like that, the strange but happy image in front of me is torn to shreds.


I wake up screaming. The painful sensation of my hand burning is what woke me up.

Through my disoriented state I could tell I wasn’t alone either, as my surroundings became clearer, I could see that I was in my packs dungeon, where the bars were made of silver, a werewolf’s kryptonite.

I lay in a hospital bed, not only was I cuffed to the bed, but they chained me to the wall as well.

Around me, I see my mom, dad, Jean, and three other men in black coats. My mother’s face was tearful and tinged red, my father, on the other hand, looked incredibly angry but I could see that there was pain in his eyes as well.

The oldest looking man, of the three strangers, took a step forward.

“Do you know where you are?“

In the dungeon where we kept the rogues.

I tilted my head down in one slow nod.

“Do you remember what happened?“

Like snippets flashing before my eyes, it all came back to me in pieces, like one horrifying never ending movie. Me holding my dying mate in my arms, convulsing in agony beside her, the breaking of the bond, the scar of her name appearing on my wrist.

She’s gone, dead, because of me.

I killed her.

This was never supposed to happen.

It was never supposed to go this far.

What have I done?

I tried to swallow down the lump forming in my throat.

She can’t be dead, no, she can’t die.

I have to save her.

I began to yank savagely at my chains, forming cracks in the wall.

“Keenan stop!“ My father demanded commanding me with his alpha voice. I stopped.

The old man spoke again, “Jean told us what you and your friends have been doing to that girl these past few months. Do you have anything to say for yourself?”

I felt a hollowness fill my chest, taking all my energy, my emotions, and my purpose. I didn’t even want to lift my head to face them.

“How could you do this Keenan?! To your own mate?! ?How!? No, Why?!” My mother said crying into her hands.

I stared blankly at the ceiling, “she was human,“ I said, my voice a monotone, “Uncle Felix said it was the only way.“

“Uncle Felix said what?!“ This time, it was my father who spoke, furious.

“That it was the only way. If I wanted to break the bond, I had to do significant damage to it. Said that there was only so much the bond could take before it snapped. It was the only way.“

“And you believed him!? You believed it!? Keenan! He pulled that shit out of his ass! He’s been doing that our whole lives! There is no way to break the bond, there never was.“

“What?“ I looked at my father, dumbfounded.

“My brother is a manipulative lying piece of shit. Not only is he a borderline cult leader, but he believes the earth is flat! He’s an idiot but he’s good at persuading people to follow his ridiculous ideologies. I can’t believe I let him brainwash my own son right from under my nose. I’m gonna kill him!“ My father swore, pacing around the room.


This can’t be, what Uncle Felix said is true, it has to be.

“Why is it so bad that she’s human Keenan?“ My mother asked.

Why was it so bad again? Suddenly I’m having trouble remembering my reasons.

“Because we come from different worlds mom, she couldn’t handle ours and she’s not equipped to be a Luna.“

“You’re wrong Keenan, if she wasn’t equipped to be Luna than she would have never been chosen as your mate, the moon goddess is no fool.”

I stare at my wrist, a large bandage covered her name, because of my shackles, I couldn’t remove it.

I think one of the most disturbing things about this whole ordeal was the absence in my head. I couldn’t feel my wolf, there was utter silence.

I felt so dead inside, like there was nothing left in me to feel.

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