Tame a Monster

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Chapter Sixteen

Jean's POV


“Will he be okay?” Luna Becca asked Elder Bane, stifling her sniffles. The sound of Keenan’s screams fading as we walked further and further away.

It’s so nice to see him finally getting what he deserves, even if it’s only a fragment in comparison to what he’s done.

“He’ll be just fine Becca, don’t worry,” Elder Bane reassured her.

“Will the ritual really break the bond?”

“No,” Elder Bane said somberly, “nothing can break the bond. She will always be tied to him, but we had to make him believe that we broke the bond. Or else he could continue tormenting her to finish what he started, we can’t risk that.”

“So the ritual isn’t real?”

“No it’s real, I just lied about what it truly does. It does minimize the effects of the bond, makes it nearly undetectable, almost to a human level, her scent will cease to stop being so noticeable and she will no longer have to feel the brunt of him being intimate with someone else.

“If any of them become intimate with someone else, the other person will only feel a dull pain, nowhere near as traumatic or damaging as what she has been experiencing. However the ritual can only last for so long, Sylvia and I will come back every six months to renew the spell.”

“What of the human girl?”

“Her father tried pressing charges and he demanded an investigation be done, but after pulling some strings, the case was easily thrown out. In the meantime, Keenan is not to be anywhere near her. In fact, keep him in the dungeon until she’s recovered and ready to move on.”

“Move on?” I spoke up.

“Yes, she’ll be out of Chambers in no time, for her safety, I arranged for her father to be offered a higher paying job at a different location. He was so fed up and eager to leave this town that he accepted it on the spot. They should be gone in two weeks, maybe less.”

“Where are they moving to?“ I asked him. I don’t want to lose my friend,not after I just found someone to relate to.

“I’m afraid I can’t tell any of you. I can’t risk that information to get into the wrong hands. It’s nothing personal, just an extra precaution.”

“I understand.” Rebecca said solemnly and shook her head, “that poor girl. I can’t believe he could do that… to his own mate. Where did I go wrong?”

“You can’t blame yourself, Luna, you’re an amazing leader and an even greater mother. You did everything right.” I told her, and I meant it.

Luna Becca smiles weekly, “thank you, Jean. I’m sorry you were made to feel as though you couldn’t talk to us about the situation. I haven’t been able to recognize my own son these past few days.“

“I was under Alpha Command, next time I won’t hesitate to come to you first.“ She squeezed my hand reassuringly.

“What about Tanner, Mark, and Vivienne? What happens to them?”

“As of now they’ve been stripped of their status and banned from returning to school grounds. I have more in store for them, but I can’t focus on anything else but to clean up all this mess Keenan dumped on my feet.“ Alpha Drew replied just as Mrs. Stroke, Vivienne‘s and Britney‘s mother, came storming in furiously.

“You’ve taken this too far!“ She screamed, “I was okay with a small reprimand, but this?! This is too far! My sweet girls were just playing harmless pranks! It’s not their fault your son, the future alpha is a screwup! Shame on you! Shame on you for picking the side of some human girl over your pack members! You are a traitor to your own kin! Alpha Felix was right about both of you! You are weak!”

In a split second and Luna Becca had her hand wrapped around Mrs. Strokes’ throat, nearly lifting her off the ground. Luna Becca was always such a kindred soul, but Mrs. Stroke crossed a major line. She basically verbally challenged Luna Becca‘s authority and alpha position, giving Luna Becca every right and means necessary to show Petunia her place, including death.

“Listen here Petunia, do not act as if you had no part to play in all of this.” Luna Becca‘s voice was deep with the authority of her wolf. “I know you’ve been whispering in your daughter’s ears, the only reason they are avidly pursuing my son and causing chaos in my pack, is because you bred into them that there is nothing more important in this world than becoming a Luna. You have no shame and you take no responsibility. Your family is broken too, your youngest betrayed your oldest and all you care about is helping Britney stay climbing the ranks. Be grateful I am a mother who understands where your frustrations are coming from. You will never speak to me like that again, am I clear!?”

Petunia bent her head back and showed her neck in submission.

“Yes Luna,” she gasped out.

Luna Becca dropped her to the floor, and Petunia hightailed it out of here.

Mrs. Stroke was always such a problematic Karen.



“Yes, Jean?”

“Did you by any chance take Vivienne‘s phone?“

“I took all their phones, they’re suspended from all social media.”

“Can I see it?”

Alpha Dominick gave me a suspicious look.

“They took pictures of her, it’s what they used to humiliate and blackmail her. It was their leverage, I promised her I’d find a way to delete them.”

“The pictures are that bad?”

I nodded my head grimly, “yeah, it was really bad.”

Alpha Dominick shook his head in disbelief, “this is so ridiculous. I can’t believe this.”

He paused for a moment then finally sighed in resignation. “If I let you check their phones you have <>to promise me that that’s all you’ll do, find the pictures and delete them. No retaliation, no plotting, and no vengeance, these petty games stop today.”

“I’m not them Alpha, that’s not something you have to worry about.”

He looked thoughtful then gestured for me to follow him.

He leads me to his office and opens the drawer of his desk, there, I see all their phones, tablets, and laptops. Even Keenan’s electronics were in there too.

“I’ll be back in 10 minutes.”

“Yes, Alpha.”

Rummaging through Vivienne‘s gallery, I can’t find any of Angeline‘s pictures. Besides Vivienne’s own risque and suggestive photos, she also had other compromising photos of other students. It makes you wonder just how many people she was blackmailing. I make sure to delete all of them, erasing all of her advantage against these people. But I don’t find any of Angeline’s photos on any of her apps and messages.

Maybe she sent them to Keenan’s?

I enter his passcode that Alpha Dominic had written down on a piece of paper containing all their passwords.

Sifting through his very short gallery, I also can’t find anything sufficient, the photos aren’t there either.

Then I find something odd, there was one picture, just one, of Angeline.

It was of her sitting on a bench, reading a book, unassuming of her surroundings. I could tell, from how far away she was, that this photo was taken from a distance.

Why did he have it?

I don’t know, Keenan is unpredictable and always hard to understand. Nothing he does makes sense to me.

But I deleted that too.

He doesn’t deserve even that.


After being unable to find anything on anyone’s phone, including Tanner’s, I just put them back and left the office.

Walking through the Packhouse, I begin to hear the rumor circulating, word has gotten out about Keenan and his friends have done to Angeline, they know she was his mate.

I felt incredibly sad for the Alpha and Luna, pack members right now were questioning their leadership left and right. But another part of me, the vindictive and has had a part, was basking in Keenan‘s demise. I was enjoying it watching these smug angels finally fall from the grace of Heaven.

He’s disgraced himself.

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