Tame a Monster

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Chapter Thirty Five

As always, true to his word, I was put on extra heavy guard duty.

Everyone looked at me confused as to why I always had someone “escorting” me throughout my classes, but I just tried my best to ignore their questioning stares.

Then it was Lacey’s turn to walk me to class, but instead, she took my arm and lead me to the empty music room. I suddenly got flashbacks to the time Sammy brought me into the dark PE room and Tanner threw me in the pool.

Dark memories I’d rather forget.

I snatch my arm back and halt in my steps.

“What are you doing, why are we here?” I say, clutching my books tighter to my chest.

We’re standing in front of the vacant music room, everyone now gone from the hallway.

“I just wanna talk and find out what the hell is going on. I mean I’d have asked you sooner but Daniel wouldn’t leave your side for a second.”

“Ask me what?”

“What’s going on with you, Keenan, and Daniel. Why do we suddenly have to guard you against all the wolves from Keenan’s pack? Daniel wouldn’t tell us, he even alpha commanded us, and he’s never done that before. It’s honestly the first time I’d ever seen him embrace his title.”

I didn’t feel like getting into the details of such a long and confusing story that I didn’t quite understand myself. But I didn’t want to lie or hide the truth either.

“Wel... It’s just… I knew Keenan from my old school and he has some sort of grudge against me, that’s all I know.”

“Oh c’mon, don’t play coy with me. I saw the way you looked at each other, we all did. What did you do that was so bad anyway?”

“Believe it or not, I have no idea.”

“That’s it? You did nothing wrong and he hates you for no reason?”

The way she said it reminded me of all those times I went to Principal Anderson about Keenan, and all the times he either dismissed me or just blamed me outright.

“Look, I have no idea okay? Your guess is just as good as mine.”

“Did you date him or something? Break his heart? Kill his puppy?”

“No to all those.”

“I’m sure it’s not that big of a deal, why don’t you just get over it already?”

Because he literally tried to kill me.

“I-” I pause then ultimately sighed, defeated, “sure, I’ll get over it.”

“I mean I spoke to him yesterday, and I just feel like you got the wrong impression. He seems like a really nice guy, and it just sucks that they just got here and there’s already a rift between us where there wasn’t before.”

“Oh shut up Lacey,” I’m startled by the sound of Trey’s voice. “You’re only defending him because he’s hot and you’re thinking with your vagina. That guy’s an asshole, always has been.”

Trey wounds his beefy arm around my shoulders and aggressively rams my head into his armpit, his usual way of hugging friends.

“It’s okay Shortcake, ain’t nobody doing shit to you on my watch.”

“Ew. Trey. Can’t. Breath.”

“Oh sorry haha, sometimes I forget you’re just a tiny human.”

I laugh, “it’s fine.”

Lacey rolled her eyes and with a snooty voice full of attitude she exclaimed, “what do you want Trey? Why are you even here?”

“It’s my turn to escort her now Fuckhead, did you forget?” Trey replied with equal attitude, calling her his usual term of endearment.

Lacey let out an infuriated strangled noise, “I told you not to call me that anymore you asshole! And besides, Keenan isn’t even here! Don’t you think this is all a bit much?”

“Nope, I don’t trust Keenan, not one bit. I remember the day that fucker literally pushed me down the stairs, made me eat bugs, and then stole my dinosaur toy. He’s a freaking psychopath! I saw him accidentally set Alpha Felix’s car on fire and then he blame me for it! I was put in the dungeon for two weeks!”

“Yea well kids do stupid things when they’re young,” Lacey shot back.

“He’s probably a serial killer now, to be honest.”

“Serial killers are a human problem Trey, there’s no such thing as a werewolf serial killer.”

“Yea, till Keenan came along. I’m telling you, he’s not to be underestimated, there’s something not right in his head!”

“Or maybe he’s just misunderstood?!”

“The only one misunderstanding is you!”

“Whatever! I don’t feel like babysitting a teenager!”

“Then don’t! Your dumbass thought chocolate milk came from brown cows, she ain’t safe with you!”

“I was a kid!”

“We were like 13 actually.”

“You can’t even talk cause you got held back in the second grade, second grade! That’s why your head is big but empty!”

“That’s why you look like my hairy ballsack!”

“Ew you’re so disgusting Trey, that’s not even funny!”

“Keenan’s never gonna notice you Lacey, you can stop trying so hard now, He’d know if you were his mate by now.”

For once Lacey actually looked a bit tongue-tied.

“I wasn’t- I wasn’t even- you know what? Fuck you Trey!”

“Hmmm, no thank you.”

“Ugh!” Lacey shrieked, storming away in anger.

“Aaaaaaand she hates me again,” I muttered under my breath.

“Don’t worry about her Shortcake, Lacey has been trying to become a Luna since she was 14 years old, she’s so sure she will be. She just doesn’t like that we’re “ruining” her chances, but Keenan’s 18 already, he’d know if she was.”

“So Keenan really is a werewolf… an alpha werewolf?” I ask and Trey nods.

“You catch on quick.”

“But how is he related to Daniel?”

“They’re first cousins, their dads are brothers. Guess what Daniel’s last name is.”

I realized I never asked Daniel what his last name was, how do I now know? But I knew Keenan’s last name.

“Is it Hallins?”

“Bingo! Damn, I can’t believe you really didn’t know they were related.”

“I really didn’t.”

“Welp,” Trey shrugged, “now you do.”

“Were they close?”

Treu snorted, “maybe once upon a time as kids but definitely not anymore. Like I said, Keenan’s a psychopath and Daniel isn’t.”

“God he really is, I thought I was the only one that could see it.”

“People just don’t want to accept that someone that pretty could be shitty and evil.”

“I guess you’re right.” It was relieving to know that someone else could see Keenan for what he was. It was like finally getting confirmation of what I experienced after being dismissed, manipulated, and gaslit for so long.

“C’mon Shortcake, we got classes to get to.”


Daniel and I texted every day that he was away.

We mostly spoke about how things were going in Redmond, every once and awhile I’d annoyingly send him something I found funny on the internet. Usually, it was an animal-related meme.

At least now having some form of contact with him made missing him not so bad, but I still missed him.

After three days of practically being escorted everywhere, the guilt was getting to me.

The dramatics of the situation had me feeling like some damsel in constant distress and my problems were beginning to burden everyone else around me who didn’t sign up for this.

On the third day, I asked them to stop, told them it wasn’t necessary anymore.

Jonah and Koi just outright refused, stating it was an alpha command. Shelby said she could keep more of a distance but that she couldn’t not do her duty.

I apologized profusely to them, feeling guilty that I was taking them away from things they actually wanted to do.

But they assured me it was fine, I didn’t realize how wrapped up in Daniel and our relationship I was acting till I realized his friends were still technically strangers to me. I never thought I’d be one of those couples, but having his best friends and most trusted packmates escort me everywhere really let me bond with them one on one.

Eventually, they did end up asking me about the “beef” between Keenan and me. I told them a variation of the same thing, the only thing that really made sense to me.

“I used to attend Chambers before I came here, and Keenan had this girlfriend, Vivian, and I guess she didn’t like me. She was convinced I was trying to take Keenan from her. Which makes no sense to me, like why she even saw me as a threat, I was so ugly!” I kept rambling, “things got really bad towards the end and I had to move schools, now I’m here.” I shrugged.

“Well, that’s a lot to take in.. wait, Keenan dated Vivian?” Shelby asked, confused.

I nodded, “you know her?”

“I know of her, her dad is their pack doctor I believe.”

“Vivian’s a werewolf too?!” I was surrounded by werewolves this whole time!? I thought Daniel said they were rare.

“Yes, and I believe they broke the werewolf code of law, we don’t date before we meet our mates.”

“Why not again?”

“We believe you first everything belongs to your mate and only your mate. Dating or having any sexual intercourse with anyone that’s not your mate is considered infidelity and compromises the bond.”

“Well, I doubt they’re even together anymore, not after she found out that Keenan was sleeping with her little sister too.”

“Shut the front door! Keenan was hooking up with Britney too?!” Her eyes lit up with disbelief and excitement.

“Yea,” I nodded eagerly, at this point openly gossiping. “They had a huge catfight- well, wolf fight if you will, in front of the entire student body! It was crazy!”

Shelby laughed, “and she was worried about you? The culprit was under her nose the whole time!”

“That’s what am saying!”

“Damn I feel bad for whoever Keenan’s mate is, sure he’s unbelievably hot but he’s such a whore!”

I giggled, “yea she’s definitely doomed.”

I stop laughing when I feel a familiar itch of someone staring at me, looking around, I see a pair of icy pale grey eyes passing me by.

A girl I had never seen before was staring me down, she was very tall and slender, as all werewolves were. Her skin was equally pale with a greyish hue, almost the same color as her eyes.

She had a large scar running the full length of her face, from her forehead, through her eye, and down her cheek.

She wasn’t staring at me with menace either, but she still sent a chill down my spine anyway.

She seemed to be studying me, her expression was calculating, but not exactly curious.

Shelby cleared her throat, “that’s Shane, you probably know her from Chambers, she came here with Keenan.”

“On the contrary,” I said, “I’ve never seen her before.”

She was gone, disappearing into the crowd of people.


“I’ll come by after work to pick you up again!” Trey yelled from his driver’s seat.

“Sounds good Trey! Thanks again!” I yell back from across the street.

“No problemo Shortcake!”

As I enter the dog grooming shop, I note that Ms. Randall isn’t at the front desk.

She must be in the process of grooming a dog then.

Setting my things in her small office, I can’t find her anywhere. She’s not at the prep table, the bathtub, or the cage room.

Strange, she usually doesn’t just leave the shop unattended. She makes sure I’m here first before she steps out.

It must’ve been an emergency.

I quickly text Daniel that I got to work safely, then put my phone back in my bookbag.

Putting on my apron, I greet Coco, Mocha, two of our regulars, then finally, a new dog named Jasmine.

Grabbing Coco, the little corgi, and taking him to the bathroom, I hear the front door jingle as someone enters.

Ms. Randall’s back.

“I got started on Coco!” I yell out, “you can start on Mocha.”

Seemingly out of nowhere, Coco goes insane in my arms, barking and growling aggressively. Soon, the other dogs follow.

“Calm down Coco,” I try soothing him, he’s usually such a good boy about his baths and cuts.

“Ms. Randall, can you check on the other d-” I ask turning around, but the words get caught in my throat, standing before me is not Ms. Randall at all.

Keenan stood glaring at me from the doorway, his huge frame conquering the entire room.

But worst, his hands were covered in blood.



So I made a soundtrack for TaM, these are actual songs I listened to while writing the rough outline.

1) You- Keaton Henson

2) Phantom- Orka

3) Tennessee Whiskey- Chris Stapleton

4) In Time- Talos

5) Lovely- Billie Eilish

Pls give a listen, I want to know which songs you think fit best with which scenes. Which is your favorite, and if you have any honorable mentions. Lemme know :)

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